Soooooo, this is just confusing now. ARE photo shoots rape? Or are they NOT rape?

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  1. This throws a serious wrench into the new spinoff – Law and Order SVU: Photoshoots. That was how Stabler was going to make his comeback to the series.

  2. Funny. I always thought being raped was like being raped.

  3. “I was just trying to describe what it’s like to go along with something for the sake of money and have to pretend to enjoy it, over and over. A more accurate analogy would be prostitution, or ‘being a whore’ if you will. Not that I mean any offense to those who work in the sex industry, who I think of as my brothers and sisters.”

  4. Only photo shoot-photo shoots are like rape. But photo shoot-photo shoot-photo shoots are like rape-rape and that’s REALLY bad.

  5. Pretty sure this fall’s The Rape Diaries will bomb now.

  6. its definitely not “rape rape”

  7. “I apologize for my ‘poor choice of words’ choice of words. Clearly this was an understatement.” -Mr. Depp, tomorrow.

  8. Truly, Johnny Depp is OUR generation’s Hank Williams Jr.

  9. Ok. Moving on. Next.

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