Yesterday we all watched the cute kid reacting to Star Wars video together and I mentioned that I can’t wait to record my kids reaction to every movie they ever watch, namely Se7en, etc. It was a hilarious joke and you all rushed home to tell your loved ones about it. Remember? Very good joke! Well, because this is Videogum and here your video or GIF related wish is everyone else’s command, Videogum Monster lawblog set the cute kid video to the end of (kind of NSFW) Se7en to INCREDIBLE results. Seriously, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know what hyperbole is and I’ve never heard the definition of it IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. So the only thing that’s left for us to do now is enjoy it very much, share it with our friends, and then caption it.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball.

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  1. Gabe is gonna be sooooo exciiiiiited!

  2. Fuuuuuuck. We’re getting another visit from CPS for sure.

  3. Learning Gwenyth Paltrow is alive is the new Santa Claus. Those poor children, so much hope in their eyes.

  4. Dexter’s family movie night.

  5. “NO WAAAAY! Is that the guy from K-PAX??!!”

  6. I wonder what they thought of the scythe dildo scene.

  7. “Mommy, I know what I want for Christmas”

  8. What’s in the toy box ?

    “Your wives pretty little potato head”

  9. Wow, Gwenyth makes her kids watch all of her movies, huh?

  10. we’re going to need a bigger transport van! (to jail because that’s where these kids parents are going!)

  11. A meme is born.

    The cherry on top was when it ended and the first of the recommended videos that pop up was Dancing Pumpkinhead. So perfect.

  12. Those children are actually 90 years old, whoops wrong David Fincher movie

  13. Christmas morning just got a lot edgier.

  14. Ok, I seriously remember getting in big trouble in seventh grade because I had rented this from pay-per-view (“What is that?” – children), taped it, and lent it out to friends at school, which was considered VERY inappropriate, apparently. And now kids can see it willy-nilly? Oh, that is it. I am calling my Junior High and demanding that detention expunged.


  15. “This is just a very effective way for kids to learn to count,” Elmo .

  16. Lawblog Mods Viral Vlog’s Flaws for Video Blog Blogger Blogs Kids’ Dropped Jaws to Draw Comment Nods

  17. Could these children be part of a twisted, perverse clue for the real reason Gabe has been missing? Is he guilty of any deadly sins?

  18. Good job, parents! What’s next on the filmfest list? Brown Bunny? Saw? Cool!

  19. “If you kids don’t behave next time, Gwyneth Paltrow’s severed-head ghost will jump out from underneath your beds at night” – their parents

  20. I like that little girl’s reactions much better

    “Oh, I like where this is going…”

    “HAAA!!! OH SNAP!!!! OH SNAP!!! NO YOU DIN’T!!!”

    “Oh man, that guy. Haha, oooh, you! Really!”


  22. They’re the same video! Doesn’t anybody notice this? THEY’RE THE SAME VIDEO. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills or something.

    unless we are having a tacit agreement where we pretend they are not the same.

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