The Internet is a bottomless source of Star Wars. I can’t even image what it’s like to log onto the Internet as a Star Wars fan every day. It’s probably like Christmas and your birthday combined and all of your friends have gotten together to make you a really special memory book, where each of them really took a lot of time to write about a great memory they had with you in the past and maybe they also illustrated it, or pasted in pictures. “Could life GET any better?” – Star Wars fans every single day. (I’m pretty sure they’re never unhappy about anything Star Wars related? All good things, always happy about them.) Generally I don’t care about Star Wars things because they’re not my kind of things — we’re all aware enough of this, I won’t get into it. But there are some times when a Star Wars thing crosses over into the realm of things I DO care about, namely cute things that you can enjoy in thirtyish seconds. Which is NOT what she said, but it is what I just said. This, a boy reacting to a SERIOUS Star Wars spoiler, is an example of one of those things. PUT ON YOUR CUTEMETS! (Cute helmets!)

Hahah, awww. So cute. So psyched. I can’t wait to tape my kids reaction to every single movie they ever watch. Namely I can’t wait for Fight Club, Se7en, The Sixth Sense, and Brown Bunny. That’s going to be the best. A lot of preserved memories. (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)

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  1. “Nooooooooooo!!!!!” – that kid

  2. My kid’s reaction to Audition was pretty great. Much better than his reaction to Two Girls One Cup.

  3. Someone get these two kids together:

  4. he could just be an excitable kid. we will need to compare this reaction shot to the one where he finds out he is adopted.

  5. I imagine this will be my (should I ever have a) kid’s reaction to Honey, when Missy Elliot insists on Honey Daniels to choreograph her video, rather than Katrina

  6. I never got to have this moment of awesome and terrible shock.
    I was told about Vader being Luke’s father before I …


    … found out Santa Claus was not real.

  7. Fun fact-gum: Research suggests that knowing how a story ends actually….


    ….ENHANCES enjoyment of the story.

  8. I guess kids these days who watch the prequels first won’t get this effect at all. Perhaps this generation’s Star Wars twist will be knowing that Leia is Luke’s sister before they kiss.

  9. I’ve recently been introducing Stars Wars movies to my 8 year old cousin. Before we started watching, he insisted on starting with A New Hope. What a smart little kid.

    So far we’ve only watched A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back three times. He says he’s not ready to watch the rest. He scared of Palpatine.

  10. And to think I was stuck watching kids shows at that age. Damn you parents! Damn yous all to hell!

    *Wrong movie reference….aww screw it*

  11. LMAO, weeks best comment, right here!

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