Only one episode left, everybody! I can’t even believe it. Time flies when you’re getting your heart and mind trampled on by a TV show every week. What are we even going to talk about when it’s over? OCCUPY WALL STREET? Boo, snore. No thanks. I guess we can maybe just stop talking altogether until next summer. But then what will we talk about when the show is done for good? How we need and DESERVE a Breaking Bad movie? I guess that will have to do. Sigh. OH! So, something I wanted to adress before we got into talking about this week’s insane episode is how we all definitely need to enter this contest for a walk-on role in next season’s Breaking Bad and a four-day, three-night trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I can’t wait until I win this contest! I plan to be SO good at walking-on that Vince Gilligan decides to give me and Jesse a spinoff where we’re married and I don’t allow him to cook meth anymore, so it’s like this thing where he struggles with different jobs? Because he doesn’t have any skills. And every week he gets fired from something else and I’m like, “Jeessssssseeeeeeeeeee.” Ugh that is going to be the best. Ok, so: This episode!

The episode begins close to where the last left off. Walt is out of the basement, thank goodness, and Skyler is packing to be taken to Hank and Marie’s, where the two families will be staying under the watch of the DEA. We don’t get to see Skyler and Walt fight about how she gave all that money to the person she cheated on him with, which is unfortunate. I was really looking forward to that fight. But oh well. Anyway, Walt is refusing to go to Hank’s because it will put everyone in danger. Skyler says there must be something they can do and Walt responds, “There isn’t. There was, but now there isn’t.” Ouch, eeesh. I guess that’s enough of a fight. Walt convinces Skyler that he has to stay behind, and calls Hank to tell him it’s because someone has to run the carwash. Yeah, right. Sure. Hank isn’t too difficult to convince, though, because he doesn’t really believe anyone is in danger anyway. Also the baby cries a lot when she and Skyler are being taken away. Aww. Baby.

After they leave, Walt sits in his back yard spinning his gun like a game of spin the bottle. It lands on him twice and then on a plant. Oh no! What’s going to happen to that plaaaaaaaannnnt?!!!!

At Hank and Marie’s, Walt Jr. and Marie are arguing about how they think Walt should be there. Hank tries to convince them that they’re not really in danger anyway and that the threat against him is just a smokescreen because they don’t like how he’s spending his free time, to which Walt Jr. responds, “What. Minerals?” Uh, they’re called ROCKS, Walt Jr., and no of course not. So he explains to the group and to his DEA partner guy Steve how he thinks Gus is behind it, and how he thinks the laundromat is a meth super lab, etc. Because he is the world’s best rogue DEA agent. I kind of forgot that Skyler didn’t know that Hank was on Walt’s tail with all this stuff. So she gives this kind of a face :-0. Now she knows! I’m not sure how that will effect anything, if it will at all. I feel like there’s not really enough time yet for her reaction to mean anything. We’ll see, I guess! (Very good episode commentary.) Hank convinces Steve to check out the laundromat without a warrant by telling him that he was never good at knock-and-talks. “I WAS TO GOOD AT KNOCK-AND-TALKS,” said Steve. And then Hank pretended like he couldn’t hear him. And Steve was like come ooooooon, HANK. HANK. I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME HANK. But Hank didn’t let up so Steve was like, FINE. I WILL GO KNOCK-AND-TALK TO THE LAUNDROMAT. THEN WE’LL SEE WHO WAS NEVER GOOD AT IT. And he left and slammed the door. Hank smiled and nodded and said “That’ll do.” Or something like that? I think my head was on the floor for a bit of this scene so some of that may be inaccurate. In any case, Hank convinced him to check out the laundromat.

At the laundromat, Steve tells the guy in charge a story about how he’s working on a case in which he found heroin on a burger chef and the burger chef told him that he thinks it got there after it was laundered at this laundry place, yadda yadda. The guy in charge isn’t going to let him in, but Steve tells him that if they come back with a warrant they’ll have to shut down for a day and there will be 20 or so DEA guys in there going through stuff. So the guy lets him in. They walk around and take pictures of, like, laundry machines, but they don’t find anything suspicious. There is a cool shot when they’re above taking pictures of laundry machines than pans down through the floor, revealing Jesse and New Gus Guy in the basement.

New Gus Guy is being insufferable of course, not responding to Jesse, when he gets a phone call. FOR Jesse. It’s Gus who explains that the DEA is there looking for the super lab because of Walt’s inaction with Hank. Gus is looking for Jesse to finally give him permission to kill Walt, but Jesse stands strong. “So what are you gonna do,” he asks. Gus tells him, “There will be an appropriate response.” Ugh. GUS. Remember when we loved Gus? That was like two episodes ago. Remember when Jesse had the opportunity to kill Gus? Also, hey, where’s Mike? There was no Mike in this episode. HOW IS MIKE DOING? WE NEED AN UPDATE.

In the next scene Jesse is dropped off at his car in the desert by a laundromat truck. He tries to call Walt but gets his voicemail, and he has six vague messages on his phone, all from Saul. So he rushes to Saul’s office to find him clearing out — he tells him what Gus said to Walt (about murdering his entire family) and Saul sees himself as part of that family too (haha, Saul), so he’s making himself disappear for a while.

Back at Hank and Marie’s, Hank is looking over the laundromat photos Steve took. Skyler comes up behind him and asks if he got anything, but Hank responds that they’re “clean as a whistle.” I feel like Steve could’ve done a much better job in there. Come on, Steve. Find the basement! Just find the basement. Anyway, Skyler tries to call Walt but she gets his voicemail too. WALT! You can at least pick up the phone for Skyler. She probably thinks you’re dead! Come on. So Skyler goes outside and smokes a cigarette. That’s not good for you, Sky. There’s no excuse.

Jesse gets a call at his place and responds “What’s wrong with him? What hospital?” My first thought was that it was Walt, which is I’m assuming what most people’s first thought was, but no! It was BROCK! Brock is in the ICU and neither Andrea nor the doctors know what’s wrong with him. Then, in what was maybe one of my favorite scenes this season, Jesse goes outside to smoke a cigarette and slowly realizes his poison cigarette is no longer in the pack.

Holy moly. This scene. Did everyone say “oh shit” out loud? Because I said “oh shit” out loud completely involuntarily, and I’m not even the kind of person who says things like “oh shit” all the time. So. Jesse realizes this and runs in to tell Andrea that Brock could have been poisoned before he runs out, telling her he had to go see someone.

Jesse runs to Walt’s house where Walt explains everything that happened when Gus took him into the desert. He seems very paranoid, looking through the windows the entire time he’s talking to Jesse. While Walt is looking away, Jesse picks up his gun and aims it at Walt. !!!! JESSE. He screams at Walt, asking him why he poisoned Brock. And in what I thought was actually kind of funny — no child death-o — Walt responds, “I DON’T KNOW WHO THAT IS.” Hahah. Because he doesn’t! Why would he know who that was? But Jesse won’t let up, screaming at him to “ADMIT IT,” and it’s very scary, and he pushes Walt to the ground where Walt starts laughing his insane person laughter again. Ugh. That laughter. What a nightmare.

Jesse tells him to stop laughing and so do I, and then Walt says “I’ve been waiting all day for Gus to send one of his men to kill me. And it’s you.” Oh, man. That was a great line! Walt explains his theory, which is that Gus knew about the poison cigarette and had New Gus Guy (whose name I actually learned this episode — Tyrus. Can’t shake it. I know his name now) take it earlier that day and poison Brock. “THINK ABOUT IT. IT’S BRILLIANT,” he says. And I respond, “YEAH YOU’RE RIGHT, IT TOTALLY IS!” The last piece of the puzzle was to have Jesse allow Gus to kill Walt, so Gus devised a scheme to have Jesse kill Walt himself. It is weird that Gus knew about the cigarette, though. How did he know what it was? I get that Gus is all-powerful and all-knowing, but this seemed a little like it depended on a bit of suspension of disbelief. Which I’m pretty much fine with. But a little bit not fine with. Anyway, Jesse still keeps his gun planted on Walt’s head while Walt says, “If you think I’m capable of doing this, then go ahead. Put a bullet in my head right now.” EESH! WALT! Stop it! But Jesse eventually lets up, leaving a scary indent on Walt’s forehead:

He leaves saying he’s going to kill Gus against Walt’s pleading, and Walt says, “Then let me help.”

Back at the hospital, Jesse continues to try to get back to see Brock, but the nurse won’t let him because he isn’t family. What a terrible hospital rule! People are always having difficulty with this rule on TV, I think it should be abolished. But Jesse eventually leaves and falls asleep in the lobby only the be woken up by Tyrus telling him to go to work. OF COURSE. That guy needs to mind his own GD business sometimes. But Jesse refuses to leave.

Walt is making some sort of explosive at his house. I don’t know what it is. I’m not an explosives expert. But it looked like he needed to open A LOT of cold packs to make it, soooo.

Jesse is still waiting at the hospital when Tyrus approaches him again. WHAT NOW, TYRUS? YOU HUGE JERK? EVER HEARD OF TAKING A DAY OFF? He says Gus is there and would like to talk to Jesse, so they walk to the chapel where he is waiting. Gus explains, very calmly, as is his way, that Jesse needs to return to walk. Jesse explains, in a way that makes us love him, as is his way, that there is a little boy upstairs who is maybe going to die and there is no way he’s leaving the hospital. Gus asks if there’s anything he can do, since he is on the board of this hospital, but Jesse tells him that the boy isn’t sick — he was poisoned. Eeeeeep! “How did that happen?” “The doctors — they don’t know.” Upon receiving this information, Gus allows Jesse to stay at the hospital, telling him he can start a new batch when he’s ready to return — next week. Why’d you change you tune, Gus? HUH? WHY’D YOU CHANGE IT?

As the men walk into the hospital parking garage, Walt watches them from the roof of a building across the street, waiting to press the button on his homemade explosive. Walt looks like a crazy homeless person.

Somehow, Gus knows that something is up. HOW DOES HE KNOW? I don’t understand how he knows. That guy is really getting on my nerves with how he knows everything and then also how he poisoned that child.

But, somehow, he knows not to walk towards the car and instead walks to the railing and scans the area before finally leaving the garage. He doesn’t say a word to Tyrus or the other guy while he’s doing this and I bet they’re thinking, “Uhhh, Gus? The car is right there. GUS? HELLOOOOO.” Anyway, Walt looks incredibly defeated as they exit. His master explosion plan is foiled. Wah-wah. Sorry Walt.

Next week: THE SEASON FINALE! Ahhhhhh! I wonder what’s going to happen! I wonder if anyone is going to die! I wonder if EVERYONE is going to die! I hope Brock doesn’t die! GUYS! Are any of you having season finale parties? Are you going to play games? What games are you going to play? What kind of Breaking Bad cocktails are you going to make? Are you going to dress up? Guys!!!

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  1. I just entered my mom into the sweepstakes to win a walk-on role. She will be horrified if she wins! ha!

  2. if you guys win the walk-on contest you get to have drinks with me and briadru4. offer only valid for monsters, that’s why amc wouldn’t print it.

    also let’s talk about huell’s crotch-grab pat-down style. innovative!

    • Is it wrong that I entered this contest and may possibly steal the LUCRATIVE and EXTRAVAGANT prize of a 4 night stay in Albuquerque from someone?

      Also, yes, if a Monster wins I’ll buy a round of Tequila shots.

    • I’ll come down from Santa Fe for this. A round at Marble Brewery on me!

    • oh i see, can’t even invite me josh. that’s fine. whatever.

    • also, three to four days in burque? methinks most monsters might get bored after a day or two. unless you run down here this week! this is the only time albuquerque is interesting, balloon fiesta time. otherwise, the main attraction is really really really cheap drugs. i don’t get the feeling many monsters understand, jesse’s meth house in this movie is literally in the nicest neighborhood in town (the country club), there is not much to see if you don’t like mountains and outdoorsy activities. also, it’s hot as a fuck.

  3. Anyone else think Brock just stole a cigarette from Jesse? Like, he’s about what, 10? and it seems as though he sees his fair share of adult things, what with his mother doing meth and all. I feel like he’d probably be like, “oh, I want to try one of those cigarette thingeys” and steals one from Jesse’s coat when he’s not looking. It would definitely help with the whole suspension of disbelief at Gus knowing about the poison.

    Also, love how every time they talk about Ricin on this show Jesse has to point out that “It sounds like Rice”

    • Yes. Except. I sort of agree w/Mike (below). Walt is in as dark a place as ever. Walt’s been trying to get Jesse to kill Gus just as much as Gus has been trying to get Jesse to kill Walt.

      • NO NO NO NO WILL NEVER ACCEPT THAT THEORY. Walt wouldn’t do that to his surrogate son :( ((

        • He DID already (more or less) kill Jane, so it seems like Walt, when stuck in a tough situation, will pretty much do anything.

          • But part of why he let Jane die was to save Jesse–he hated her for what she’d done to him. At least, I imagine that’s one way he justified it. He can’t twist killing Brock into benefiting Jesse in any way.

          • Exactly. There was kind of a twisted logic to Jane’s death. Jesse loved Jane, but she was toxic. As terrible as it is to say, he’s better off without wherever they would’ve gone together, and Walt had to have known that deep down in the heat of the moment.

          • I’ve always kind of thought that it was more for Walt’s benefit than for Jesse’s. It was, in a weird way, to help Jesse, but only because Jesse being fucked up with Jane was affecting Walt’s attempt to get that $$$$$$$$. If Jesse doing heroin didn’t affect their business (which is pretty much impossible because it’s HEROIN), I’m not sure that Walt would’ve done anything. I think that in that moment where he saw Jane choking, he thought of HER as a problem for the both of them, and made his decision based on that.

    • That’s kind of what I thought, but Jesse did say that he had it on him that morning and he didn’t see Brock after that. And haha yes. “Ooohhh, RICE. I get it.”

      • Didn’t think of that. So I guess it was Walt? I’m really not buying that Gus did it.

        List of t-shirts I need to get custom printed:

        “they’re minerals.”
        “it sounds like rice”

        • Walt’s tragedy laugh didn’t seem to be there to set up Walt as a great evil faker. It was there when he knew he couldn’t buy his way out of this so I’m assuming his reaction to Jesse’s accusation was true. But, I would love it if the writers somehow made it so they could kill off Walt in a way everyone could get behind.

      • But maybe Jesse’s deliberately misremembering things, to stave off the guilt of accidentally killing his girlfriend’s son. Poor Jesse. I think it’s either that, or Gus did it. Really hope it wasn’t Walt.

    • When Jesse was realizing the cigarette was gone I was assuming Brock stole the cigarette, making it Jesse’s fault… But then I remembered the poison was in a hard-plastic capsule/container in the cigarette, making it not really smoke-able. So it does seem like Brock was poisoned by someone on purpose.

    • Was my first thought too… then Jessie explains (while pointing the gun at Walt) tha tthere was no way he could have stolen it or gotten into it accidently. The last time he saw Brock or his mom was the night before, and tha morning, he changed packs of cigs and recalled moving his “lucky” to the new pack. Meaning the ricin was taken after Jessie got to the lab in the morning.

      And of course, New Gus Guy (yes, I know his name, but he’s still New Gus Guy) is big enough of an ass to have done this on Gus’ orders. I wonder, if Mike wasn’t on leave, would he have objected to poisoning an innocent child or would he have just towed the line? I mean, normally, Mike is down with whatever Gus tells him to do… but he also acts as a consultant and might have steered him to other options (considering the brief glimpses we’ve had of him with his grandkids in previous seasons). Also, it has seemed he has been getting more and mroe fed up w/ Gus, but his loyalty has kept him in line.

  4. really hope that walt WAS the one who poisoned brock….

    • If Walt is the one who poisoned Brock I’m going to throw my TV out the window and never look back.

    • he wasn’t

      • the pat down by huell was really the only time that the cigarette could have been taken, as jesse switched his pack in the morning. I could see it as walt making a play to get jesse on his side to help kill gus again….think about it….

        • If you re-watch that scene, Huell is definitely doing something sketchy with his hands. Besides grabbing Jesse’s what-have-you’s

        • really? walt called saul, said that he needed help killing a child, and that’s that? i don’t know, i see gus behind it all as equally unlikely (see below), but Walt? no way. and who gave it to Brock? Walt? Huell? It just seems like too much of a reach, and a poor one at that. ESPECIALLY because we know Walt had already resigned himself to the idea of being killed.

          • Maybe it was Saul? I mean, he’s a sleaze as it is, and he is definitely extremely paranoid about how much he is implicated in this whole situation. Maybe he did it to get Walt and Jesse back on the same side? I don’t know, I just don’t think it was Gus, which leaves few options.

            and I’ve already realized before posting this that the error in that logic is that Saul was never (?) told about the plan to poison Gus.

            I think the key to this is that NOBODY is above suspicion. Most of these characters are facing the threat of death, which would more than likely cause people to do things that are reckless, ruthless, and out of character (i.e poison a child).

          • There are a lot of reasons to think either Walt or Gus did the poison – Walt via Huell, or Gus via Tyrus. Walt mentioned Gus’ child-o-killy this season already. It’s plausible he saw that excuse and went for it, knowing he was dead meat.

            Also, what did Gus have to gain by having Jesse kill Walt? Added heat to his new Meth cook? I have actually a harder time believing Gus was behind it than Walt, actually. Gus has done some evil things, but he doesn’t do stupid things. And then why would Gus add pressure to Jesse to get back to cooking knowing he had just poisoned some kid he knows?

            Could go either way, but I’m leaning on Walt having put rice in there.

        • They made a BIG deal out of the pat down and it lasted forever, so I’d put my money on it getting out of his pack that way. Whoever got the big guy to do it would have had to move ridiculously fast though and be A-OK with child death because in reality, Brock shouldn’t be able to survive any Ricin poisoning unless it was very tiny amount.

          The case for it being Gus is that he’d be able to give Brock the most care due to his board position and further convince Jessie he’s on his side without killing the kid (but if the kid died, oh well he’s done kid killing before). But that’s some complex long conning that relies on Brock being taken to that hospital, Jessie believing Walt would kill a child and all done within hours.

          • That said, it’s hard to ignore the fact that big guy would need to have Ricky Jay skill to take one cig (and the right cig) out of a carton without taking the carton.

    • UGH WHY DOES THIS THEORY KEEP POPPING UP? Nevermind that Walt is WAY too narcissistic to even consider the connection between Brock and Jesse — let alone give the kid a second thought — the logistics of Walt doing this are IMPOSSIBLE. When, exactly could Walt have gotten the cigarette, slipped the poison to Brock (which takes days to show symptoms), and how could he possibly think that was a plan that would work? Plus, he’d be doing this while fearing for his life and trying to get his family to safety! I know Breaking Bad’s thing is defying expectations, but this is BEYOND a reach! (sorry in advance for this, just had to let off some steam b/c people in the AV Club comments section were pissing me off with this shit)


      • I don’t get why it’s a reach.

        1) the show is called “Breaking Bad” not “Breaking Bad to a certain point because of character traits that are static and easy to gauge from the perspective of an average television audience”

        2) The logistics are as implausible (not impossible – it’s a tv show, they can write in the empty spaces all they want, and have in the past) for Gus as they are for Walt. Walt made the stuff in the first place, and knew that Jesse had one in his pack, and knew where in his pack it was. Walt is not beyond scheming, nor is he incapable of rationalizing his way out of the story – he’s done this countless times over 4 seasons.

        3) I could definitely argue that Gus had no motive to have Jesse turn on Walt like that. Why would he do that? It’s the same reach to think Gus did it. Jesse is Gus’ prized commodity. If Walt was a threat to Gus’ business because of Hank, then why on earth would Gus risk having Jesse do it? That is insane.

        4) tl;dr

        • Gus is all about control. Walt is a loose cannon – as evidenced by, from his perspective, Walt responding to threats by SENDING THE DEA after Gus. Like we know that wasn’t what Walt intended, but that’s definitely how it looked. So he wants Walt dead to control him, and Jesse killing him is the easiest way to make sure Jesse doesn’t stop cooking.

          And in the longer view? This is DEFINITELY why is was having Jesse ride around with Mike. To get him ready to kill again. Like what other reason to bring him to Mexico, except hoping that he’d get used to the idea of killing to protect himself?

          • Oh hey, there are definitely definitely valid reasons Gus also poisoned, and this is clearly the message the show is sending. But this is not like the end of season 3 where Jesse clearly shot Gale in the face and people had wild notions that the gunshot meant something else – I think there is still some degree of ambiguity with regard to the poison, no? We didn’t see Walt for hours between when Hank and Marie left. I don’t know that he sat there spinning a gun all day. We were not giving any real conclusive items about that poison.

      • My theory:

        Walt called Saul and told him to switch the cigarettes. Saul begged Jesse to come to his office. Huell frisked Jesse and swapped the entire pack of cigs. Saul and Huell then stopped by Brock’s house and poisoned him, BUT NOT WITH RICIN. They poisoned him with something else that Walt suggested…something that would make Brock sick for a few hours/days but nothing lethal. Maybe they dropped some magic Walt chemistry concoction into a can of soda and gave it to Brock, I don’t know. Then Jesse thinks it’s ricin and flips out. Jesse comes to kill Walt, Walt manipulates him into helping murder Gus, the team is back together! And no one had to murder any children.

        Maybe? I was on Team Accident until I saw that gif of Huell, in which he seems to be pretty deliberate about shoving something in his pocket.

      • Well, Walt has less motivation to poison the kid than Gus. As others have said, Gus is a control freak and Walt is very much a threat to that control.
        He isn’t scared of heat form the cops over killing someone… I mean, how many have we seen him kill/have killed for WAAAAAAAAAY less of a reason than those Walt has given him? Plus, he did directly say that he wanted to kill Walt, but Jessie is preventing him. so instead, he’s going to try killing Hank (which he has done before), as well as Walt’s family. So what makes you think he’s afraid of any attenion he’s gain from Walt’s death? I mean, Walt is actually a good target. Sure Sky and Jr would miss him and start looking, but it’s not like he hasn’t dissappeared for prolonged periods of time before.

    • Why would he take Jesse’s poison instead of just cooking more Ricin? He’s done that twice already.

  5. Hmmmmmm … plant … plant … plant … plant a bomb.

    • Hmmmmm…plant..plant some flowers…plants some violets…violets…letter v…letter v…. volvo….plants a bomb under gus’ volvo

    • “Oh, look. It’s my fake ricin plant that exactly mimics the symptoms of ricin but is not only not deadly, but quite healthful. I’ll just use it to fake poison that kid Jesse was playing videogames with, then he’ll be on my side again..”

      “Wait, what?!? I need to layoff the weed..”

      • Somebody on AV Club said something smart that I think sounds correct: he spins it and it lands on himself: offense– dying without a fight. He spins it again and it points outward: defense– barricading his house and waiting to be approached by Gus’s men. A last ditch attempt for survival.

        • His version of the Lone Wolf and Cub (old Samurai film series) choice, honorable suicide or revenge against his enemies without regard to honor.

          Mind, in Lone Wolf and Cub he didn’t have to do it three times…

      • Ok, so, it wasn’t healthful after all.

      • You win everything forever, THE END.

  6. With this glance at the camera we can finally see who is the worst fucking actress in the world. Way to spoil the tense mood of an otherwise great episode.

  7. 2 things, one of which you already mentioned

    yes, HOW DID GUS KNOW??

    also, it struck me as a bit of a stretch that Gus’ plan, in an effort to endear Jesse to him further, would be to poison the boy, trusting that the first person Jesse would suspect would be Walt? Especially after the talk Jesse and Gus had earlier. If I were Jesse, my thought process would have been: cigarette is gone… Brock has been poisoned..who would do this?…GUS! I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem very likely that Jesse would suspect Walt and go to kill him, and far more likely that he would immediately suspect Gus, which would run against Gus’ plans even more. And I think Gus is smart enough to know that, too.

    • i might be wrong but didn’t they make the ricin in the lab this time? where they thought they were out of the camera’s view.. but gus probably has extra secret cameras.

    • You’re very much right. On the phone Gus said there would be an “appropriate response”, and then the kid gets poisoned and Jesse thinks Walt? C’mon son! Also, everyone’s wondering how Gus knew about the car. Well guys, if Gus poisoned the kid, and Jesse just told him that he knows the kid was poisoned, and Gus has no info that anything happened to Walter, then clearly he would know that Jesse either didn’t suspect Walter, or that Walter somehow changed his mind, in which case he’s got reason not to feel safe. But why would then Jesse tell Gus that he knows the kid was poisoned? He could have feigned ignorance, making Gus feel safer. And for Gus to poison the kid after “appropriate response” thing? Not a very smart Gus move, unless it’s to strongarm Jesse, which it didn’t seem to be. All in all, i am very displeased with the writing of this episode.

    • Gus knew because in the previous episode when he was trying to kill Don Elladio Gus was acting weird and recoiled when Elladio tried to hug him. Jesse similarly was acting weird and recoiled when Gus tried to hug him, which clued him in I think. The staging was similar.

  8. I can’t believe you didn’t mention Hank and Marie’s kitchen… So. Much. Purple.

  9. In the Jesse/cigarettes on the ground scene I said “Oh, shit” and also “WHY ARE THE WRITERS DOING THIS TO HIM??” Jeez, writers. What’d Jesse ever do to you?!

  10. Hey, what’s up with Ted?

  11. A few things: 1) Why did Steve and Hank discuss details of an ongoing case IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE FUCKING FAMILY? Totally normal cop stuff! 2) Why was Gus’ laundry manager so ill prepared for a DEA drop-in? He should have been ready for anything. Especially such an obvious scenario. 3) Gus could have legitimately known not to go back to the car because it was unattended. However, it begs the question: why leave your car unguarded? Cartels car bomb people all the time! This is drug kingpin 101. 4) We all know Mike is coming back in the finale to kill Gus … somehow. If he thinks the dude killed two children? Walking dead man.

    • to be fair, its not an ongoing case as the dea isn’t involved and it is just Hank going rogue? or did i miss something?

      • Sort of. Gus is not considered a legit suspect in the Heisenberg case, according to the DEA, but the Heisenberg case IS an ongoing investigation. And, even if it wasn’t, the case is legit in Hank’s mind. Either way, no DEA agents (or ex-DEA agents) would discuss cases in front of friends or family. It’s probably even against basic DEA rules of conduct. I’ve suspended my disbelief re Hank’s loose lips this season, but this is getting out of hand.

        • 1) Yeah, not a great idea
          2) My guess is that he WAS prepared, and that he knew the cops and drug sniffing dog would not find the lab, and that Gus maybe advised him to take this option where applicable. If Gus knew that the lab was fairly safely hidden, he would always go the route of letting people look if the end result was them leaving him alone because they didn’t find nothin’.
          3) Yeah, that Tyrus wannabe did not need to be there. Leave him at the car!
          4) Mike don’t care bout nobody ‘cept his grandaughter. Somebody get this grandaughter a balloon! “A balloon. From: Grampa Mike.”

          • Or, the problem with having a manager that is ready to deal with DEA agents means that you have someone who knows about your drug operation and might rat you out. Much better to have someone who doesn’t know anything about your operation. Plausible deniability.

    • It was questions like this that kinda make me think of this episode as a bit of a misfire. The return of MacGyver Walter; the manic laughter of last ep segueing into a business-like conversation this week between Walter and Skyler; the gun settling on the flower pot; the strange movements of the ricin cigarette that seem like something out of a lower-quality melodrama.

      It just seemed like a rare miss for BB.

      • Jeb, I completely agree about Mike. He will not forget about Jesse fighting to save his life two eps ago. I believe that will move Mike’s loyalty to Jesse. Does that mean Gus will try to kill Jesse in front of Mike?

        Werttrew, this is something I’ve been thinking about today as well. It seems like a few minor adjustments could have made this episode as flawless as any. 1.) Give us a clear reason to think Jesse would accuse Walt of poisoning Brock. 2.) Give us a clear reason that Gus decides not to get into the car. Also, why would Andrea not even talk to Jesse? That doesn’t make sense in the real world. Jesse may have saved Brock’s life, and it’s obvious he cares about them both. So I’m not really digging that fake tv tension. Lastly, I think it’s a good point about where this ep picks up. Both Skyler and Walt should be in a much different mood that what they displayed at the start. Completely agree.

        That said, I was tense the entire hour and enjoyed the hell out of it. So what am I complaining for?

        • I… feel like it’s not that weird to not want to talk to someone who just said, “Oh, your son is sick? For some reason I feel like you should tell the doctors about this rare poison ttyl”

          • No. It makes no sense. Unless you *really* don’t trust someone, you talk to someone you love, especially when your loved one is showing obvious concern for you. Andrea was being cruel and unreasonable, imo.

        • I really think that the unsatisfying feeling of this weeks episode was on purpose. I think all the things we think they did lazily (gus somehow knowing about the Ricin and/or the bomb on his car, ANY of these characters poisoning Brock, etc.) are going to be elaborated on in the next episode. I really doubt that after 4 seasons and only one left that they are going to start jumping the shark. Don’t worry, we’ll understand everything next Sunday. Well, everything that we didn’t understand this week. As for the millions of questions that are sure to arise after next weeks episode… different story entirely.

  12. Speaking of great TV, Parenthood recap this week? Yes, please?

  13. “Minerals” has become the punchline for everything this season and I am LOOOOVING IT.

  14. More importantly? Did Gus get a new Volvo?

  15. We didn’t see Mike because he was poisoning Brock OBVIOUSLY. Gus doesn’t know anything. Mike knows everything and tells Gus. If Walt poisoned Brock I will bombard the IMDB message boards with “jumped the shark” topics for eternity.

    • Mike is still in Mexico since it’s only been one day or so since he was shot (right? Time does not pass as fast as we think on this show) and how would a show that took a sympathetic character and brought him as low as he could go – something that no television show ever seemed capable of – almost beyond redemption – be comparable to a sitcom that had late-run episode where a secondary character jumped over a shark in waterskis?

      Jumped the Shark? More like: “Broke the Bad”

      • I think last episode there was a line about how Jesse has been back from Mexico for four days? But yeah, the Mike situation is really up in the air?

        • It’s seems like they’ve been timing this perfectly for Mike to show up either a) in the season finale and save the day or b) in the season 5 premiere to come back and take over for gus? or something? I don’t know, good thing I don’t write for this show.

  16. Why don’t Americans let Canadians enter their awesome sounding walk-on contests? WHY? Who do you think you are? Quebec?

  17. My wife thought that Gus saw a reflection of Walt’s glasses, but I like to think that he has developed Super Bad Guy Drug Dealing Danger Radar after so many years of being a Super Bad Guy Drug Dealer. Also, if he’s such as respected member of the community, and serves on the hospital board, why is he walking around in said hospital with two bad-ass looking bodyguards who look completely like the kind of badd-ass bodyguards a Super Bad Guy Drug Dealer would have? Deleted scene on the Breaking Bad Blu-Ray: Gus and the bodyguards bump into the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the hospital and he’s all like “So, are these gentlemen with you?” and Gus, in a moment of panic, “Uh, no, these aren’t my bad-ass bodyguards, they are uh, my lovers?” and the Chairman is all quiet because he wants to be inclusive of all lifestyles, which is in the hospital mission statement.

    Also – it’s quite possible that Huell is working for Gus without Saul knowing, kind of a double-agent. Doesn’t explain how he got the cigarette to the kid though. Another Blu-Ray extra: Huell is standing on a street corner, across from Brock’s school and he’s all like ‘Hey kid, wanna see something cool?” and then he gives him the sounds like rice cigarette and Brock is all like ‘Yeah, sure, man, far out’ and smokes the poison cigarette.

  18. you’re the best, kelly.

  19. A few things… I’m willing to posit that there’s a whole ‘nother twist within the whole ricin cigarette plot, and that everything we heard in this past episode is just a result of everyone’s rightful paranoia.

    1) Unless I missed it, the hospital staff didn’t confirm that Brock had ricin poisoning. The symptoms I read up on don’t sound flu-like to me. Brock would probably be dead already anyway.

    2) Someone else might have smoked it -hopefully not Jesse in a huff (maybe the girlfriend)- and will drop dead by next episode.

    3) Jesse is aware that Brock took it from him but is going to extremes to hide his guilt AND/OR Jesse realizes that the only way to get Walt back on his feet to help kill Gus is to tell Walt this version of the story (remember last time Walt heard Gus was involved in killing a child?).

    • Well, there isn’t a reliable medical test for ricin, and the ones that are around aren’t widely available. This is what the CDC has to say about symptoms of ricin inhalation:

      “Within a few hours of inhaling significant amounts of ricin, the likely symptoms would be respiratory distress (difficulty breathing), fever, cough, nausea, and tightness in the chest. Heavy sweating may follow as well as fluid building up in the lungs (pulmonary edema). [...] Finally, low blood pressure and respiratory failure may occur, leading to death. In cases of known exposure to ricin, people having respiratory symptoms that started within 12 hours of inhaling ricin should seek medical care.”

      The first part sounds pretty flu-like. If he inhaled it, though, Brock would have had to smoke the cigarette by himself, or his mom would probably be experiencing symptoms, too.

    • In Season 2 when they cook the ricin for Tuco, Walt describes it as flu-like.

    • Totally Walt. Totally the plant.

      The key for me is Ted tripping over the carpet. It came back. So will the plant.

  20. ‘indentteethface’

    Love it.

  21. Great recap – though i kinda feel like you could’ve shown some excitement for the fact that after an entire season of Walt being a dick and just general awful vibes WALT AND JESSE HAVE TEAMED UP!!! Jesse and Walt vs. the Underworld! We all want to murder Gus again! Too bad that he has telepathic abilities.

  22. Walt and Jesse obvs haven’t learned a thing from The Wire. Ditch the phones!

  23. (me this week waiting for next episode)

    (me for 10+ months waiting for next season after whatever reality-jarring ends this season)

  24. You know I really don’t find it that hard to believe that Gus would know about the poison in the cigarette. He’s already super careful, and frankly he would be stupid not to check out every inch of Jesse’s clothes and maybe his house and his car while Jesse’s under surveillance in the lab. What, he’s supposed to trust Jesse to not try to kill him or hide anything from him? Because they’re just such good friends?

    Also, Gus says something like “there will be an appropriate response” and the next shot Brock’s been poisoned? Come on, that was so Gus.

  25. My official theory is this: Gus did know about the ricin in the cigarette. However, he poisoned Brock some other way. Dude has already shown he knows his way around a poisoning, also the logistics of getting the cigarette to wherever Brock was (school?) and then into his food are way too convoluted. He poisons Brock, then has Tyrus take the cigarette out of Jesse’s stuff in the lab so that it LOOKS like Walter poisoned Jesse. Gus has known about the cigarette for ages, probably (Mike or Tyrus or the cameras had to have seen it/seen it being discussed), but knows that it’s better that you’re enemy doesn’t know you are onto him.

    The fact that Gus backed off as soon as Jesse revealed that he knows Brock was poisoned, but “the doctors” don’t know how, proves that Gus had some involvement in the poisoning.

  26. Working theory: Gus made his own ricin, stole the cigarette to implicate Walt. Most likely he’s had Jesse’s house bugged all season – we know Mike can bug places, and he’s done it before for similar reasons. And Walt and Jesse have definitely talked about this at Jesse’s place.

  27. The best part about this contest – Being on Breaking Bad and washing Vince Gillian’s feet with my whore-de-locks

    The worst part – You immediately get addicted to just about all the drugs in the rainbow just by landing in Albuquerque.

  28. All I know is that if Brock ends up just having swine flu, I’m going to be forced to switch to team Weiner.

  29. I got so excited about the competition until I read it’s not available outside of the US. If you got to be a walk on you would bring it up at EVERY gathering you attend, “Hey remember that one time I was on Breaking Bad haha oh man, good times, have I told this one before?”.

  30. guys, i miss the innocent days of dissolving small time dealers in bath tubs :( remember when jesse and walt drove saul out to the desert to empty threaten him? life was so simple then.

    I want to put Breaking Bad in the freezer….

    • I had the exact thought while watching this episode; the juxtaposition of Walt and Jesse’s ineptitude in trying to off Saul to the point that they’re convinced to hire him while they have guns in his face vs. their current plan to try to get Gus. The ineptitude is back!

  31. Just think, next week we’ll all be able to look back at the…

    “Who poisoned Brock? Who poisoned him? WHO POISONED BROCK?!?”

    …debate and laugh!

    At least I hope to God we will…

  32. omg!!!! we know who poisoned Brock!! I still cant believe how awful Walt is… such a horrible person. WOW

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