Oh, jeeze. Are you watching this at work? I’m sorry if you’re watching this at work. (Thanks for the tip, R2D2 Esq.)

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  1. So good!

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  2. More sound!

  3. Warning: you will continue to cry on subsequent viewings as well.

    • The only thing – THE ONLY THING – to have ever made me cry on the internet was one of those godforsaken troops coming home videos. This guy interrupted his son’s kindergarten class. *sniff* and when the kid saw his dad, he just lost it and ran and started bawling into his dads shoulder. *sob* On no, I gone too far. I can’t stop tearing up!

  4. She’s going to love being able to hear until someone plays her some Skrillex, then this whole cookie is going to crumble.

  5. Serious question, how is she able to speak so well?

    • related question: If you had been deaf, how would you understand what words meant, since you had never heard them spoken before? Do you think there is someone off screen signing? Or do you think she is more lip reading? Or is it somehow inherent?

    • This video is posted over on io9, and some of the commenters over there do a good job offering explanations.

    • There’s some good discussion about this question here as well: https://plus.google.com/101629211371073711149/posts/GNS9YkQ5xEz

      The term ‘deaf’ covers a wide range of hearing impairments – it doesn’t refer only to complete and total silence. The woman who posted the video added in the comments that she’s worn hearing aids since she was 2 years old, but that they can only do so much, and she has always depended heavily on lip-reading.

      My guess is that she’s overwhelmed by how CLEAR everything is after a lifetime of struggling to decipher AM-radio static.

  6. Very Very Emotional seeing this!

    And Her Arm is so so beautifully done!

    So Happy for this lovely gal!

  7. that lady has the awesomest job in the world probably.


  9. Watching people cry tears of happiness always gets me.

  10. FAKE!!! Snopes already exposed this one, its a hoax

  11. I am curious if she’s figured out how to tune out background noise as the other links mention that she’s been wearing implants her whole life. There was a very interesting This American Life segment that explained how people with implants hear EVERYTHING at the same level. I also know this through that ABC Family show, Separated at Birth.

  12. Yeah what exactly are you guilty about?

  13. It’s so disappointing when a Videogum comments section ends up looking like a comment section from the rest of the Internet.

  14. Re-Post: Tattooed Woman Cries Upon Seeing Videogum Comments Thread For First Time

  15. This has made my day and I love this bitch. Tattoos and all

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