First I’d like to announce the winners of last week’s Bored to Death giveaway:

Daniel Ryan Milaschewski!

Jenn Misko!

Joseph Edwin Haeger!

YAAAAY! Congratulations, guys! I hope these DVDs keep you from being BORED TO DEATH. The next time you’re feeling BORED. TO DEATH. YOU CAN JUST WATCH THE DVDS THEN. Yay, hooray!

This week three of you will have the chance to win Nick Kroll’s very brand new stand up special DVD, Thank You Very Cool.  It’s the Comedy Central special + extra comedy and also extra videos. THAT IS GREAT! Nick Kroll is great. Bobby Bottleservice is great. Fabrice Fabrice is great. This giveaway is great, we all love it. “Do u love it? U love it.” – said with a Bobby B impression.

In order to win:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Login to Videogum with your Facebook account.
  3. Comment with your best written Bobby Bottleservice impression.

THANK YOU VERY COOL. Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Facebook account by Thursday, October 6th, 6PM EST. You can still play along if you just want to comment with your Videogum commenter account, but you can’t win! Only with your Facebook. I’m sorry. Also, only submit once! And then a winner will be chosen at random. VERY COOL.

Comments (14)
  1. Very weird to me for me to be on a message board that isn’t craigslist with very pretty women. making sexy chats and showing off bobby jr. to pretty girls, very cool.

  2. Hey! I’m Bobby Bottleservice. Look at me! I’m doing funny things.

  3. Yo! It’s me Bobby Bottleservice! Gym! Tan! Dry Cleanin’!

  4. I will WIN this contest. And I will WATCH it and I will say ALSO that I will respect the SHIT out of these DVDs. I will ALSO say that as someone who would like to seriously have THESE DVDs I will give you the RESPECT you do deserve from me like a beauti-aful LADY.

  5. I would like to show this DVD to (sniff) my mother.

  6. I’m wearing a vest.

  7. this is very cool, thank you

  8. “Thank You Very Cool” – Bobby Bottleservice. (nailed it).

  9. Do you DVD me?

  10. “Da person I look up to foremostly is tony Montana from the godfather.”

  11. I like Bobby Bottleservice because he is a very funny character and I like those because comedy is very enjoyable to me.

  12. oh i am so excited about this!! i’d like to thank the academy…hang on am i supposed to know how to claim my prize? because i do not. and also in addition to, do you date me?

  13. Hey I would like this DVD. That would be cool. Anyways, I need to get back to cleaning pools.


    Bobby “Cleaning Up My Act” Brushca

  14. Vokka. Jesus. Revenge. Oh my! (Classic.)

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