How good does it feel to be back in our old routines, guys? The weather’s getting more miserable, our homes are getting more inviting, and our TVs are getting much more watchable. The circle of life. Last night was all-around PRETTY GOOD, I thought. I didn’t really love Community. I mean, I always love Community, but the thing with Jeff and Annie seemed a little too forced? Like, you know, that’s not REALLY the relationship they’ve always had — Jeff hasn’t ever really treated her that way, really. And I know it’s a comedy and who cares, but it seemed like they were giving me the hard sell on something that I just wasn’t ready to buy. Oh well. Abed was great when he said he farted so whatever. (Also, MARTIN STARR!) Parks and Recreation was probably my favorite for the night. Ron was top notch, Entertainment 720 was top notch, drunk Leslie was the toppest notch. It was a good episode that didn’t really further along much of the plot, except for the Tammy side plot, but did provide some great times. Who can’t love it. The Office was good. I don’t know. Too much bland feel good and not enough LOLs for me on that show these days. Not that I don’t LOVE feel good, because I do. But unfortunately, like I said last week, I’m kind of over it. Though I did love with Mindy Kaling said “that’s a tablecloth,” soooo. Whitney was a delight, as always. Just kidding. [Laugh track.] I only watched some of it because please give me a break [laugh track], and the some of it that I did watch was pretty bad. [Laugh track.] It’s Always Sunny was my second favorite of the night. Very close to being my first favorite but it didn’t quite get there. Some very good child pageant commentary that our nation NEEDS, and also our nation needs more Charlie singing. SO WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?

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  1. That’s decoy gold! You think I’d leave my gold in a locked safe buried underground where anyone could find it? You don’t know me at all.

  2. “Hey Jerry. Hump day, amiright buddy?”

    • Aw snapple! Are we calling everybody baby now?! Because honestly, I love that!” – Jean-Ralphio
      “Are we saying snapple anytime something is dope?! Because I love that baby!” – Tom
      “I hate that tie, it makes your head look like a fish.”
      “We don’t have pens since we don’t want them leaking in our shirts”
      “I guess they’ll be bankrupt by the end of this sentence”

      “And we should start thinking about wardrobe. Casual? Formal? Semi-formal? Sporty? Scary? Posh? Baby? Those are the Spice Girls. I just got caught up in my own thoughts.”

    • There’s just video of a boat

    • Dance up on me Jean-Ralphio.

  3. weirdly enough i think being so into breaking bad over these past few months, has almost ruined other shows because i always expect these incredible plot developments and character studies….

  4. This guy doesn’t diddle kids.

  5. I don’t mean to get all Seriousgum on everyone, but are you doing your best to make sure people watch Community and Parks & Rec? At least on Hulu or DVR’s (I know torrents are super convenient, but they won’t help a show stay alive)? Community and Parks & Rec were NBC’s 2nd and 3rd least watched programs last week, and if that’s where they are at the season premiere, it means we’re in for a very bumpy, probably prematurely cancelled road.

    • I feel like most people watch them on hulu (I personally usually watch each episode at least 3 times on hulu), but I don’t know if networks necessarily care about that.

    • When the ratings come out today and you see that they both had a 3.0 share in the “Watched at Gun Point” demographic you’ll have me to thank.

    • Nerd alert! Hulu numbers do not count for nothing. I’m not even sure they have an accurate way of counting them yet and either way, the advertising $$$ are WAAAY LESS.

      DVR Numbers count a little, but only within I think a week of the episode initially airing.

      Watching it live, strangely, doesn’t actually really count unless you have a Nielsen box.

      • So everything is for naught and Community’s fate is up to NBC, meaning this is probably the last year!

        • I would hope that NBC is smart enough to know that just about anything they put up against Geeks and Hot Chick (Now with Blossom!) is probably not going to do amazing. Seeing what Parks did this week, since it isn’t up against the Bang, but whatever else CBS has, will be interesting.

          Also, some of the networks were like holding off on showing their shows online for a week unless you are getting it through a premium service (Hulu plus or what not) because they don’t count towards Neilson Ratings.

      • I was under the impression Hulu counted a little, but it’s just not as lucrative for advertisers. And yeah, I know the thing about Nielsen boxes but people can still spread the word.

    • Community & Parks ratings were slightly UP!

      Whitney’s were down! Plus Whitney lost 1.3 mill viewers from The Office lead-in!
      Still about 1.3 million more viewers than Community though : (

    • I was an Arbitron household, but I just resigned. I feel guilt about letting my favorite shows down, including Breaking Bad and Parks and Rec, but it’s a painful, intrusive system. And it in no way collects data on online streaming. It’s very 20th century.

  6. By the way, I’d like to sign up for the Annie Kim newsletter. Yowza!

  7. Let’s talk about Jersey Shore. We’re STILL dealing with Jionni and Snooki and the Situation AND Vinny. I like how The Situation was the main character in season one, and has evolved into this awful villan. And then when Vinny and Snooki hook up. Oh man, who didn’t see that coming? I’m also really enjoying the Pauly D/Deena storyline. It’s barely at all featured this season, but when it is, it’s really sad and engaging (or at least as sad and engaging as Jersey Shore can be). As always, Jenni is the most well-adjusted person in the house and we thankfully barely heard from Ron and and Sam.

    You guys know what I’m talking about.

  8. “I don’t understand why they showed us a lost episode from there first season of Community?
    Because that’s certainly the last time we visited those character traits.”

    - Some Jerk (me)

    • Even though I got downvotes for saying this last week, I will say it again: I’m worried about Community, you guys.

      -Some Other Jerk (me)

      • It’s like, OK, I get it. It takes some time to get into a new season, a new swing of things, if you will. I’m willing to wait a couple episodes for Community to start gelling. But then, right out of the gate, Parks and Rec is just KILLING IT. Every single thing about last night’s episode was awesome and perfect.

        Like when Tom starts talking to the camera about how easy it is to take advantage of Ben and Ben goes “I can hear you!” And Tom, without missing a beat or looking away from the camera, says “I know, Ben. That’s how easy it is!” And as always, Andy was just awesome. Handing Leslie a rolodex when she asked for a calculator? Asking Tammy 2 if they could get a peek at her acid ravaged foot? Plaintively saying that he sometimes has ideas, too. And Ron. Oh, Ron. Swigging that entire bottle of corn mash? THE BEST.

        • Also, all the alternate uses for the corn mash they kept dropping into conversation. HILARIOUS!

          “We use it to strip varnish off speed boats.”



  10. i thought the Office was great. line of the night for me was “In a typical ass tattoo situation…”

    and 2 weeks in a row Always Sunny has made me laugh a lot. especially deVito’s broken nose. happy to be back on that train.

    for maybe the second time ever, Community was the least favorite of the night. [the other time was when Abed became the director/jesus. no thanks.]

    • I stopped watching the Office soon after Andy’s ‘C-Span’ comment to Oscar. Not because it was a terrible comment (even though it was), but because it sort of solidified the idea that they’re just making Andy be like Michael Scott in personality now that Steve Carrell is gone. But maybe I’m not as familiar with the show as I thought and Andy has always been like that?

      Also I thought Community was way better than it was last episode. Many laughs were had.

      • Andy always tries really hard to be liked, so I think that was just him trying to be personable.

      • yeah, see I took this episode to be really defining Andy as defning his role as not just becoming “the new michael scott” and trying to forge his own path. it just kinda felt right and i enjoyed it. you should watch the rest of the episode.

      • I couldn’t even watch after the cold open this week, which negates my opinion of the episode, but it was just so bad. And, ahem, stupid.

      • It definitely seemed like an Andy thing to say, but he does feel just like Michael except for a few differences.

        I just think it’s interesting to look at how Andy first was on the show, when he had the arc where he got Dwight fired. He was a total dick with anger problems then, he just slowly transformed into a sympathetic character through dating Angela. Now he’s just a less cruel Michael.

  11. This is a true story.

    I was watching Always Sunny last night and I got to the part where Frank rushes in and says they need to write a song about how they don’t diddle kids and the guys say something like that if people didn’t think you were diddling kids before, writing a song about how you don’t diddle kids would definitely make them think that.

    I laughed really, really hard. I had a swig of water in my mouth and start choking and had to spit the water on the floor. I was still laughing. Laughing so hard I could see spots and had trouble breathing. Next thing I know I have fallen out of my chair and am face down on the ground on damp, water-soaked carpet with a sore knee and a bump on the head. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that I had passed out from laughing so hard.

    So, Always Sunny won the night.

  12. does anybody else think the banner ads for “Wipeout” make it look like blood spattering out from a guy getting his leg sawed off? #thinkingtheyshouldre-thinktheredsplash

  13. Somebody get me a gif of Jean Ralphio dunking via Detlef Schrempf NOW! Seriously, that was amazing.

  14. Whitney is just gross. Couldn’t even make it past the shower scene. Sooooooo contrived, that whole thing.

    • I didn’t think it was possible but this episode was somehow worse than the last. I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for Whitney’s standup but c’mon.

    • Got myself to watch it last night, and that show is absolutely terrible. The audience laughing sounds like somebody is holding a gun to their face and forcing them to do it. Not to mention the jokes on that show give the impression a classroom full of 16yr olds wrote them

  15. Shirley’s perfect enunciation of “I farted” made me LOL. Like, really, really loud. Not so loud or hard that I passed out, though. More’s the pity.

    I would like more Troy and Abed. Preferably in the morning.

  16. When the Nard Dog saw Robert and said “Hi Dad” this much of me died inside: 99.999999999999999999999999999%

  17. I couldn’t participate in this thread last week (nor have I gone back and read it, come to think of it!) because I couldn’t watch the shows until the weekend. But I watched them last night, so here I am! This is all terribly important, you understand.

    So, I liked Community! Both times even. Last week’s was a fun enough opener, with Michael K. Williams’ introduction as a teacher and establishing some larger subplot threads that will carry throughout the season (Chiang becoming a security officer, Dean being usurped, MORE Michael K. Williams, etc), which I will be looking forward to.

    Speaking of teachers, first Michel K. and now MARTIN STARR?! How awesome was that! I loved how he played it. He was pompously aware of his own intelligence, smarmy when acting a little too genial towards the ladies, and ultimately a self-aware, comfortable-in-his-own-skin geography/global conflict/U.N nerd of authority.

    Annie Kim was a little contrived, but I enjoyed the situation that sprang up around here, such as Jeff getting Annie in a headlock and ‘play fighting’ to indicate they are friends, or Annie’s spastic tabletop tantrum. Or even just the fact that it spawned the two UN ideas, making way for Abed’s wonderful two earths idea (I’ve been meaning to see that film!) to come to fruition , winning the U.N. debate(?).

    I thought Brita had a weird B plot with Chiang, for sure. But I did like how both of them felt impotent/shells of their formal selves, and acted out at each other to regain some self-worth/respect. PLUS, I could watch Gillian Jacobs make contorted faces ALL DAY.

    So I hear where people are coming from in the respect that COMMUNITY can get really good and really nuts, but as with the start of anything, (tv season premieres included, and ESPECIALLY tv series premieres that aren’t starting from a previous season finale cliffhanger, but rather the structure of the show is that the beginning of a season is the beginning of a new school year), I am more than happy to accommodate a swift build to greatness *fingers crossed*

    I mean, people were complaining that the start of this season of Breaking Bad was ‘too slow’, and NOW look at it. I rest my case.

  18. I guess I’m alone in thinking that the funniest thing last night was Noah “spooning” Riley in the eye.

  19. “can’t wait to get some brains on this bad boy”

  20. Thursdays they also replay the new episode of Adventure Time from Monday (which i had missed) and I’ve got to say “What was Missing” was almost the best. so my night went: Adventure Time (WOOO!) and then Community (Yay.) and then Parks and Rec (WHAAAMAZING!) and then Project Runway (Awwww) and then Adventure Time AGAIN! (yess) and then ARCHER! (WOO.) and finally It’s Always Sunny (Dancing! Artemis! Yay!). Anyway, I had a nice time. #me. #theend

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