• Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on Late Night last night and he and Jimmy did karaoke together, like they always do in real life, because they are friends. JGL did karaoke with an Axel Rose impression while Jimmy did karaoke with a David Bowie impression. One of them is pretty good and one of them is VERY BAD! -Stereogum
  • Oh, speaking of JGL, he’s on the cover of Blackbook this month and all of his clothes are VERY fitted. I bet he gets every single thing he owns tailored. -JustJared
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a Q&A with Adam Carolla, Marc Maron and Greg Proops about the importance of comedy podcasts these days. Great! (Also, Adam Carolla and Greg Proops?) -THR
  • I know we’ve all played the food truck movie game before, but how about the food truck action movie game? Huh? Ok here is one: Fish-ion Impossible! Very good. -FilmDrunk
  • Nelson Mandela’s grandchildren are getting their own reality show? More like The Daily WHAT? -TheDailyWhat
  • What the heck is Lindsay Lohan wearing on her feet in this photograph? Bags they give you when you buy fancy sunglasses? Lindsay, what the heck. -TheSuperficial
  • Nick Offerman was on Letterman last night and he didn’t mention Megan Mullally OR woodworking. JK. He talked about those two things. But he’s great and always great when he talks about those two things so just watch the clip! -Uproxx
  • Celebuzz has gathered up some of the best quotes from Twilight stars about the Twilight wedding. When the F is that movie going to come out? I feel like we’ve been talking about it for 14 years. -Celebuzz
  • Have you seen Moneyball? How was it? I don’t want to see it because I’m afraid it will be boring also I keep calling it “Monkeyball” which is very embarrassing. In case you are a fan, though, here’s an interview with the director about it that you may find interesting. -Movieline
  • I know if there’s one thing we love here it’s interviews with Dan Harmon, so here is an interview with Dan Harmon! Also, Community is on tonight! Great! -Salon
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  1. “You spelled my name wrong, Gabe.”
    -Axl Rose

  2. JGL is the best the best the best

  3. I don’t understand how the Adam Pally’s Happy Endings photoshopped posters didn’t make today’s linklist. Is linklist a word? It is now. I just created it. It’s possimpible!


  4. The only time I will allow someone to say “I didn’t own a television” and not think “Oh, for chrissake” is when RON FUCKING SWANSON says it.

  5. Joseph Gordon-LOVE IT

  6. Kelly, way to bury the lede. Lindsay Lohan is dating The Fonz!

  7. I fixed that Lohan pic so that you could see the real craziness behind the coked-out craziness:

  8. JGL and I used to have a really good thing going, then we had to break up because he keeps doing these embarrassing things in public.

  9. When I bought me and my boyfriend’s (yeah, boyfriend) tickets to Moneyball I said “two for Monkeyball, please” because i thought itd be hilarious and the cashier said “two for MONEYball?” like she didn’t get my joke and the movie was pretty boring and I wish it had been a movie about Monkeyball.

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