I’m not a big sports girl, but I do understand that something happened in sports last night. I’m not trying to brag. It just happens that, first, I walked by a restaurant last night that had a group of people standing outside of it. They were watching baseball on the TV through the window and they were really jazzed about something that was going on. Second, people were saying things on Twitter about it and I have a Twitter account. Again, not trying to brag. But I definitely understand that a thing happened — and I’m not even trying to joke around here, I have almost no idea what the thing was — and people were I guess upset by it? But mostly surprised, and some of them were happy? Twitter is generally where I get all my news so I’m pretty good at reading into reactions on it, and I think that pretty much covers it. Sooo, uhhh, is this the thing that happened? Is this why everyone’s talking about baseball? If so, I COMPLETELY understand because this is NUTS. (UGH!) (BUT LOL!)

It’s times like these, when everyone in the country gathers around a sports moment like this, that I really feel like I’m maybe missing out by not knowing anything about sports. This is just fun. Swiiiiing batterbatterbatter! Who’s on first! Get your hotdogs! BASEBALL! (Via Reddit.)

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  1. His nuts just got crackerjacked.

  2. The crazy thing about last night’s baseball is that this nunshot is the third most amazing thing that happened.

  3. A metaphor for the entire existence of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays if there ever was one.

  4. Speaking of baseball – has anyone seen lawblog? I’m worried about him after last night.

  5. Half of my Facebook feed the last 12 hours has been “OMG What an historic night for baseball. The beautiful game, indeed. 647 people like this.” I actually tried to read a story about what happened and I think I understand it less. Some teams won and some lost?

    • Basically, a number of teams that were almost out of playoff contention overcame huge deficits almost simultaneously. It was like a perfect IRL Donna Darko.

    • The Red Sox completed a historic collapse by losing in the bottom of the 9th and eliminating themselves from the playoffs while the Tampa Rays won on a walk off home run in the bottom of the 12th, clincing a playoff spot. A nut shot was dealt to the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the country rejoiced.

    • Quickly – one team in each league had what should have been an insurmountable lead for a playoff spot just 3 weeks ago. They both proceeded to collapse to the point that as of last night, either of those teams or the team immediately trailing them could have won, lost, or tied for that spot. Ties would have resulted in one game tie breaker playoffs to be played today. As it turned out both teams completed their improbable collapses last night in dramatic fashion, and it took until late at night to happen. It was basically a perfect storm of drama, triumph and futility and pretty much the best thing about sports. It was awesome to watch unfold.

    • It was like if the Wire, Friday Night Lights and Susan Lucci all got nominated for Emmys due to last minute ballots.

    • It was like the end of the first Star Wars where the rebels are about to get boned but in the end they implausibly bone the empire.

  6. that guy probably feels better today than any red sox fan does.

  7. They call that stealing home

  8. “Sit on it, Bean Town.” – The Ghost of Babe Ruth

  9. God is basically just Bob Saget.

  10. Xtreme Couture: Once you start getting that momentum swinging, it starts to go deep. You can feel it.

    Forged: Definitely gets you burning. Definitely.

  11. I didn’t see the games last night (at a Radiohead concert, nbd), but I feel obligated to comment on any baseball related post.

  12. All I know about last night was that I somehow managed to win the Monster Fantasy Baseball League securing my title as one of the biggest Vgum nerds. Lawblog gets honorable mention for coming in 2nd.

    I’ll be sure to wear this to the next meet-up:

    • Wait–is this real? I can’t tell if this is a joke. Can I join next year? I love when my favorite things start colliding. Like when everyone on Videogum was using turntable.fm (are you guys still doing that? I miss that)

      • This is real. I think they have a fantasy football league going right now too. All the league info is usually posted over on mobfd.biz and the monster facebook group right before the seasons start.

  13. What kind of nightmare is this? As a Red Sox fan I just want to hide my head in a dark corner and pretend that baseball doesn’t exist.

    This morning I’m watching the NFL (the F stands for FOOTBALL) Network and they start talking about Evan Longoria’s homerun!

    Now even Videogum is talking about it!?!?!?

    God…Why hast thou forsaken me?

  14. As seen on “Ow! My Balls!”

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