Looking good, boyz. Very healthy. Very strong. Very normal exercise.

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  1. Graham, it’s alright. Sometimes you just have to switch arms. Don’t be embarrassed.

  2. You know, whenever I listen to Music from the Hearts of Space during a workout, I fall asleep. I must be doing something wrong.

  3. I just bet Brad Bird loves watching Tom Cruise use this!

  4. If guys make eye contact while using this…well…I think we all know what Patty would say.

  5. much better

  6. I bet this is how gay porn starts…this is the begining of a gay porn isn’t it?

  7. How much did Scientology pay him to say this?

  8. I keep thinking the one guy is icing a wedding cake 2 the x-treme.

  9. I feel like, if this thing really worked, I would be in shape already.

  10. I think they sell the Free Flexor at Adam & Eve.com but they call it Ass To Ass Bendy Balls.

  11. i’ll stick to kegel’s.

  12. Every time I use my Free Flexor the Westboro Baptist Church pulls up in front of my apartment building.

  13. That’s what she _____.

  14. Ah, I see these gentlemen are already familiar with the “cup the balls” rule when, um, working out.

  15. “Okay, grab this ball — no, the other one — yeah. Just cup it in your palm, but firmly. Right. Now wiggle the other end around in a circle. No, yeah, wiggle it hard. Like that. Just like that. Just keep doing that, until you can really feel it. You feel it, right? Remember — hard! Keep cupping!”

  16. have you guys heard the Free Flexors latest album, “Helplessness Balls” ?

  17. Hee hee… make your muscles cry. hee hee.


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    • You’re doing it wrong. Try this: The Wire is not even a good TV show.

    • i think its funny. to really ‘INSULT’ people have him dressed up as one the characters of his movies, like maybe the “passion of christ”, or brave heart…. lol

  19. its only a matter of time before all our exercise devices involve some form of mime masturbation

  20. that EXPLAINS WHY MY FOREARMS GOT SO STRONG IN HIGH SCHOOL… what a clever way to disguise a man’s “new gym” , that the old “gym” just wasn’t cutting out to be the piece any more…

    and again, who the hell came up with this kind of garbage? and there is no way to get a workout w/ this.. if thats the case, ill create my own “idea”.. the box book curling.

    materials needed: a flip top box, and 25lbs of books, and start your curling. FEEL THE BURN!!!!


  21. I am really angry that I cannot find the “Hula Balls” commercial that Harry Shearer does at the very end of For Your Consideration. Not a great movie, but definitely some good moments. And the “Hula Balls” turned out to be basically prophetic?

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