The weirdest thing about the news that Dane Cook is developing a sitcom for NBC is that Dane Cook wasn’t already developing a sitcom for NBC. No joke, how has that not been a thing already? The greatest show on TV, Dane Cook’s Tourgasm, was years ago! It’s definitely time. America is ready. Schwing! (Does Dane Cook have a catchphrase? I don’t know! Does he? Is his catchphrase just some kind of farting sound effect?) From Deadline:

Dane Cook is heading to NBC to headline his own network comedy series. Amid interest from multiple networks, the actor-comedian has signed a development deal with NBC for a half-hour project targeted for next fall. Cook will star in the comedy and produce through his SUperFInger Entertainment banner.

Obviously, this is just a development deal, so we are still a long way off from the male answer to Whitney (#1 show in America, such a good show, the best show?). But we’ll be one step closer when we figure out a name for this thing!

  • Whitney, I Mean Dane
  • That’s So Daneven
  • Dane Cook’s Sitcomgasm
  • Superfinger And Family
  • Meet The Cooks
  • One In The Pink Two In The Garage
  • Entourage

Oof. I now offer the Dane Cook sitcom a challenge: be funnier than this blog post. Please. You can maybe do it! This is a really terrible blog post! You don’t even have to be funny to be funnier than this. Make it work, Dane Cookers.

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    starring Dane Cook

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  10. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy.

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  12. The Dane of my Life

  13. HUUUHYEAH! Right guys? YEOW! …wait maybe that’s the theme song.

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  20. Cookin’ with Fire — Dane Cook plays a comedian who is also a volunteer fireman…who is also a secret arsonist.

    Cookin’ with Friar — Dane Cook plays a friar who decides to leave his religious order and become one of Vegas’ hottest chefs.

    Cookin’ with Führer — Dane Cook plays…

    Great Danes — Dane Cook is not involved. This is a show about dogs.

  21. His show should be called “Hey guys remember me I had one funny comedy album and then i basically copied every joke off of that format and they grew stale but that one album was still kind of funny oh well haha lol i have a show now with NBC ROFL!”

    Or just “Farts.”

  22. Somebody Pooped on the Coats!

    I don’t know, isn’t that the one joke that everyone used to quote like 7 years ago? Back when he was somewhat relevant and people actually remembered he existed?

  23. Dane Cook and a Dorky White Guy and a Black Guy and Pretty Blonde Lady and a Pretty Brunette Lady with Glasses and Their Boss at the Sporting Goods Store

  24. Waiting

  25. Cancelled.

    How has no one posted that?

  26. I really like the Bing ad’s suggestion:

    TMZ on TV: Dane Cook — The Unfunniest Funny Guy In Town

  27. Outsourced 2: With Totally Outsourced Material And Even More Poop Jokes!!

  28. Hangin’ With Mr. Brooks

  29. him and anderson cooper play roomates. one is a conservative slob, the other an uptight liberal…in….


    • The theme song is an unlicensed cover version of AC/DC’s “Shot Down in Flames” recorded without permission by Nickelback. And Creed. Creedleback.

  30. That’s So Danish!

  31. How I Cooked Your Danish

  32. I am surprised by this, actually. I was expecting him to have a sitcom deal with CBS.

  33. Just read about this over at the AV Club site and was horrified to learn that Dane Cook has already shot TWO failed pilots, the first of which was of course called ‘Cooked’. Greta job Dane! Third time’s the charm, I’m sure. Here are my brain thunderstorms:

    - It’s Dane, Baby!
    - Kiss the Cook!
    - F*** the Cook, Baby!
    - It’s Dane O’Clock, Baby!

    That’s all I got.

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  43. Dude. What is up with that picutre???? He’s dressed like it’s 1997 (ooh, look at me…spiky hair! sunglasses! leather jacket! wifebeater! smirk!). God, even his clothes are unoriginal.

  44. Citizen Dane.

  45. dane’s genuinely itchy asshole

  46. DANE-gerously Close to Approaching Relevancy

  47. Plain Dane

  48. “You’re a … CROOK, Captain HOOK!” – young George Bluth in the school play, except replace Hook with Dane Cook. The crook part is a reference to the comedian plagiarism. Rad reference.

  49. Too Many Cooks

  50. Harmful If Watched

    - I can see it now – Dane Cook is a single comic trying to make it living in the big city… believable as Zooey Deschanel playing a single nerdy girl that can’t get a guy.

  51. the Dane Train wreck

  52. Douchebob Danepants

    I assume the point of this show is to make Whitney seem likable?

  53. Fake and Dane

  54. Tyler Perry’s House of Dayne

  55. Danel Leakage

  56. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Louis

  57. That press photo definitely makes me think “I be that guy has some insightful and funny things to say about everyday life”

  58. I heard they were talking to Dat Phan and Margaret Cho to fill out the 2 hour Thursday block*

    *bad comedian joke, not racism against Asian people joke

  59. “Dane’s C*ck”

    You can do that on TV now, remember “Sh*t my dad days”? Super successful and funny.

  60. My Three Jokes

  61. Who Made Me a Millionaire? – game show, not sitcom. everytime contestant answers right, *he* gets money.

    Gentleman B – plays simpleton-self who gets paid to show up when inane remarks are construed as hilarious (rather than deep thoughts a la Chance in Being There)

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