This American Life is obviously one of all of our favorite radio shows. Lately, every single day, I’ve been listening to old episodes of This American Life in the hours between when I am not working and when I am finally with people for the first time in the day, just to make it seem like there are people in the room with me. It’s perfect for that use and for the use of just being a very good radio program. And now Fox is going to have a (probably not very good) TV show based on one of its segments from 2006! No, not THIS SEGMENT. That was from 2007 get your facts straight. This one, from, again, Deadline:

Fox has bought a multi-camera comedy pitch based on the “Deal of a Lifetime” segment of the documentary program, with Horrible Bosses co-writer Jonathan Goldstein writing. Titled The Man Upstairs, the comedy centers on a young woman who buys a house that is advertised as a “deal of a lifetime,” but there’s one catch: the house comes along with the elderly man who owns it.

The  segment was told by TAL producer Sarah Koenig about her sister and is a very good TAL segment. You should listen to it. But this TV show is going to be by the guy that did $#*! My Dad Says. And it kind of sounds like it’s going to be pretty much a lot like $#*! My Dad Says? Soooo. Maybe it will still be good? I’m not sure why there aren’t more TV shows based on one drawn out joke from a This American Life segment, to be honest. It seems like that would happen a lot more. Where’s the show about being at a rest stop for a whole day or whatever that one was? That’s the show I want to see. Rest Stop.

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  1. I will only watch if they get Carl Kassel to play “The Man Upstairs”

  2. No offense to This American Life, but you know what I wish they would start optioning? Scripts.

  3. We need to kick this up a level to reel in the kids. Get Edward Pattinson for upstairs man.

  4. “… a young woman who buys a house that is advertised as a “deal of a lifetime,” but there’s one catch: the house comes along with the elderly man who owns it.”

    But…but…the elderly man doesn’t own it. Because the woman owns it. Because that is the whole premise of your show.

  5. Ummmm does Fox not remember the segment about the guy who tried to create an all-puppies-all-the-time channel?! Why the FUCK isn’t that a thing yet?

  6. Can we talk about TAL for a second? I, too, listened to a lot of their back catalog. Once I got thru most of it & started to only listen to more recent episodes, I noticed a marked decline in quality over time. (I’m sorry!) Also, in that WTF interview, Ira Glass sounded totally over it. I am registering my concern.

  7. man, what’ll they think of next? broadcasting live plays?

  8. Oh, saints preserve us, it’s multi-camera. Better watch out, Whitney!! Competition!!

  9. HELLO, this will be nothing like “$#*! My Dad Says”, this is “$#*! The Old Man Who Lives With Me In My House Says”, duh.

  10. Isn’t this similar to the plot of …what is it, Sleepless in Cleveland or Stuck in Cleveland? You know the one with Betty White? She came with the house too. Hot in Cleveland! That’s it.

  11. Kelly, they DID make a show about a rest stop. Kind of. Spoiler alert: It is really stupid and nothing like the TAL episode.

  12. Wait… so did Ned ever die? Did Rue move out? Don’t tell me I’m going to have to watch this stupid show to get resolution!

  13. I’m in a car accident. The motorist is uninsured, you with me? My car’s totaled. It’s all his fault and now, he has absolutely no money. There is no way that he can pay me. So the judge decrees that he becomes my butler.

  14. i love this american life for two reasons:
    1. the level of emotion in these stories is amazing. probably because it empowers people to tell their own stories and so people’s point of views don’t get filtered. (i mean, did you guys hear “When I Grow Up” from Slow to React. i cried like a baby when i heard that story!)
    2. Ira Glass is such a weird little dude. his commentary & interviews always have a little edge to them that i personally find hilarious.
    unfortunately, i don’t think the FOX show will include either of these things…

  15. Looking forward to seeing how well they CGI Peter Boyle.

    At least the girl from whatever the newest Transformers movie was will be used to the green screen acting.

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