• Trey Parker and Matt Stone were on 60 Minutes this week talking South Park‘s FIFTEEN SEASONS. Oh my gosh. Were any of you even alive when South Park wasn’t on TV? Anyone? Hello? Here is the whole interview. -CBS
  • I know we all love bloopers, so here are some How I Met Your Mother bloopers. Great! I’ve never seen that show but I think people like it. -TheDailyWhat
  • Mitch Hedberg wrote an amazing letter to the Uni-Ball company asking for their sponsorship. Please read it now! -BuzzFeed
  • Sony is probably going to make you start buying your own 3D glasses now. Right. Like we ALL don’t have own own prescription 3D glasses already. Right? Guys? Stupid Sony. -FilmDrunk
  • It’s possible that we didn’t all see Nancy Grace’s nipples yesterday. Which is good? I guess? Ugh. Is it possible that we didn’t all see Michael Jackson’s dead body yesterday too? Call me when THAT is possible. -TheSuperficial
  • Alexander Skarsgard has, I guess, not a great haircut. But IDK, guys. It looks ok to me. -Dlisted
  • Uh, guys, I know this is a book and we don’t generally talk about books, but did you guys hear about the sequel to The Shining that Stephen King has written? Dr. Sleep? Can we all talk about how that is the best title we’ve ever heard of in our lives? -SlashFilm
  • Amanda Seyfried is “taking up ballet again.” Good for her. I was wondering if she’d ever take that up again. One of my real dreams in life is to be a ballerina. Maybe I can take classes and meet Amanda there and we can become best friends and she can be the maid of honor at my wedding. That’s another one of my real dreams. -JustJared
  • Are you guys watching Parenthood? Guys. You should be watching Parenthood. Why aren’t you? If you were watching it we could be talking about it right now! AV Club does recaps of it, no doy, it’s a show, but maybe you can read the recaps and then start watching it next week or something? Please? I just want to talk about it with someone. -AV Club
  • The evolution of Kristen Stewart, guys. GUYS. -Celebuzz
  • Movieline has another bad movies they love, this time with Halloween H2O. I haven’t seen that one so I can’t really comment if it’s a bad movie I love, but it CERTAINLY looked like a bad movie! -Movieline
  • Haha, Salon has put together a slideshow of people overacting. Great. I mean, GREAT!!!!!!! Get it? -Salon
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  2. My brain read that entire letter in Mitch Hedberg’s voice.

    • It was kind of sad. Right? Poor old Mitch.

      • I bet he wrote letters to a lot of companies, looking for sponsorships.

        “Dear sirs. I had one of your amazing meat snacks in a bowling alley in Columbus, OH. I would love to wear a Slim Jim t-shirt everywhere I go.”

        “To whom it may concern. As a long time fan of washing, I was pleased that the Louisville, KY Doubletree supplied me with your fine product one day. I would happily work Ivory Soap into my comedy routine on Letterman next month.”

        “Dear Sun Chips. We had a deal! Where’s my fucking check???”

    • I must get me one of them pens!

    • Sometimes my brain reads everything in his voice. Usually when I’m on Ambien. Actually, it stopped after I stopped taking Ambien. It wasn’t an unpleasant side effect, just totally bizarre.

      Ambien: may cause Mitch Hedbergism.

  3. Yay Parenthood! It’s the TV show I both relate to the most & the least.
    Also I have a conditioned response to cry anytime Lauren Graham & her daughter are onscreen at the same time.

  4. It’s amazing that a digitized version of that old Mitch Hedberg letter would carry so much dust with it. Excuse me while I go dab my eyes …

  5. The Shining 2: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Jay Leno!

  6. I didn’t see Michael Jackson’s dead body! Hooray! I win!!


  8. I used to miss Mitch Hedberg. I still miss him, but I used to miss him too.

  9. I do like the opening picture of the Salon Slideshow

  10. I would like to read some VGum recaps of Parenthood, because both are great!

  11. I need more people to talk to about Parenthood. Like what is up with Haddie’s hair? And why is it that Drew had zero lines and barely any screen time until the third episode of the season? And did anyone else think the reason the coffee girl wouldn’t let Julia adopt her baby was because it was a rape baby?

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