Speaking of Joe Mande, OUR Joe Mande was on Conan last night! Incredible!

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  1. Joe “Mand-y”? I was convinced it was Joe “Mand”. Huh.

  2. He should take one for the team and be on Leno next time.

  3. That’s Pretty Cool. I Like Joe Man-D. But call me when Joe Candy is on Monan.

  4. Very much a fan of Mr. Mande. Bravo to him, I say.

  5. I may or may not have just startled my entire office by squealing loudly at my desk just now (hint: I did). Good on you, Mr. Mande!

  6. Needed more jokes about handfuls of sperm. That’s how you win over a TV audience.

  7. The Mariachi Band at the end of the monologue must not be Monsters.

  8. Take One for the Team: Perform five minutes of stand-up on Conan (wait…)

  9. I think Joe was trying not to offend Marisa Tomei. Where were the shit jokes???

  10. Hey Atlanta Monsters!

    Joe Mande is going to be at the Laughing Skull Lounge from October 13th – 16th.

    See you there?

    • I’ll be there for sure. Saw Totally J/K at ucbeast a few weeks ago and can’t believe I already have the chance to see Mande again.\

      Also very cool to hear Conan say “Laughing Skull,” even though he clearly hated the name.

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