Helloooooo Log Ladies*! You know that show that you all love so much, Twin Peaks? I think it’s about a ghost detective? He solves crimes and there are a number of colorful characters he runs into, and there are a LOT of Log Ladies? You know what I’m talking about. Well, Twin Pfreaks, why not put some of your MTV’s FANatic stifled energy into this downloadable atari-style Twin Peaks video game? Unfortunately for me, “atari-style Twin Peaks video game” is only a list of words that annoy me, but I am willing to believe that that is just because I am a someone who can’t relax for two seconds and enjoy the world around her because she is too annoyed by it all the time and is worse off for it. Soooo, in the game you play as Special Agent Dale Cooper who is trapped inside of the Black Lodge. “Just like I imagined it.” – You. From your homepage, Welcome To Twin Peaks:

You’ll find quickly that you’re not alone in the Black Lodge, though your friends are few and far between. Not only that, the lodge itself seems to be actively trying to trip you up at all times! You’ll be dodging chairs and crazed Lodge residents all while trying to keep your own insanity. How long can this go on?

HOW LONG CAN IT? Like I said, I will not be playing this game, but I do believe there are a number of TV/movie video games that I WOULD play. I’m not a complete curmudgeon. For instance:

  • Mario Kart style Drive.
  • Grand Theft Auto style Buffalo ’66.
  • Sims style You Can Count On Me.
  • Zelda style Drop Dead Fred.
  • Mario Party style The Young Ones.
  • Mortal Kombat style The Fighter.
  • Goldeneye style Breaking Bad.
  • Or Sonic style Breaking Bad.
  • Rock Band style Spoon.
  • Doom style Gossip Girl.

I unfortunately put A LOT of thought into these particular styles. (Via DangerousMinds.)

*”Log lady” is the only thing I know from Twin Peaks.
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  1. It’s mint. Wrapped in plastic.

  2. Blue Agent Cooper needs coffee badly.

  3. Also, Kelly. I will totally play Mario Party style The Young Ones with you. I call Vyvyan!

  4. I can keep my insanity all by myself. Thanks but no thanks, Atari-style Twin Peaks Video Game Company.

  5. Pacman style Pacman cartoon.

  6. Turok style Terra Nova.

  7. Dreamcast style Dreamcast.

  8. Lemmings style Sex and the City. Whoops, didn’t stop you from jumping off the cliff. Let’s play again.

  9. Leisure Suit Larry style Silk Stalkings.

  10. Final Fantasy style Community

  11. I imagine somebody’s already made a Punch-Out style Million Dollar Baby game

  12. I learned how to type this comment backwards so I could post it forwards.

    Also, btw, SCREW the Black Lodge. DOPPLEGANGERS?! Do you have any idea how scary an idea that is? It’s WAY worse than a 100% clone with all your memories. At least a clone IS you, and you can talk with them.

    A doppleganger looks like you but wants to chase you down, kill you and replace you! After I finished watching Twin Peaks I was consistently wary of seeing myself emerge from a doorway, smiling maniacally and talking forwards-backwards. *shudders*

  13. “That’s good coffee!”

  14. Duke Nukem-style Cougartown

  15. Tetris style Two and a Half Men

  16. Gears of War-style 16 and Pregnant

  17. Pitfall-style Videogum

  18. Smash Bros-style Fox News

  19. Pikmin-style Kate Plus 8

  20. Katamari-style Hoarders

  21. Kid Chameleon style Extreme Makeover

  22. I just played it because of course I did and it’s pretty much an exact recreation of that ten minute sequence of Cooper in the Black Lodge in the last episode, which if you haven’t seen that is here and also it is HARRRRROWWWING.

  23. Dang Kelly, you made it through all of Monday without a single “I don’t know what this is, but if you do that’s fine. Wierdo.” style article. At least I think you did, I don’t know for sure. Once I realized that Gabe was home sick from school I lost interest.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

    Well, you didn’t name check Ryan Gosling, so… Way to change it up, I guess?

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