This Cheech and Chong “movie trailer” is actually an ad for FiberOne. Clever girls. Clever 100 year old girls.

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  1. The best comment:

    “thats the guy from thats 70′s show!”

  2. You’d think I’m too young for this promo, but right now I’m listening to The Rolling Stones and there’s a box of Fiber One bars on my desk. So…brownies, eh?

  3. Hey man, everyone gets old.

  4. I’m gonna go rolling on werthers at Burning Pole

  5. Serious question: Are cholos still even a thing? The last time I saw one I was watching Colors with Sean Penn and that was in 1988.

  6. I actually enjoyed this. However, I have a soft spot for C&C–they had some genuinely funny films.

  7. Yikes, their career path has certainly gone from pot.

  8. Fiberone’s not here man.

  9. I think that’s the dog from Greenberg

  10. This should come with a trigger warning for IBS sufferers.

    I wish I were kidding.

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