Looking good, boys. Very Simpsons. This is what they mean when they talk about the Uncanny Valley, right? It’s the revulsion you feel when a Simpsons costume is TOO accurate and TOO normal looking? ARE THESE PEOPLE OR CARTOONS?! (Just kidding: they are Pan’s Labyrinth.) The double middle-fingers is just CLASSIC Homber Sampson. Go to the hospital Master Berns. (Via Reddit via Splitsider.)

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  1. That can’t be my Simpsons costume because mine is made of Play D’oh.

  2. did chris (simpsons artist) from “simpsons pictures that i gone and done” change mediums?

  3. My eyes hurt & my internet hurts. I have two owies.

  4. In this enlightened day and age, I can’t believe there are still people out there who don’t realize how offensive the use of yellowface is to the jaundiced community.

  5. Yikes. Can we hide that photo behind a jump, or something?

  6. Eagerly anticipating the Worker and Parasite cosplay

  7. The Simpsons, as imagined by people who abduct strangers who ask for directions.

  8. Honestly, the most terrifying things about these pictures are the hands.

  9. By “Simpsons costumes” you mean “nightmares,” right?
    Because yes – yes they are.

  10. “Taping a Vienna sausage to your nose and wrapping grey stockings around your cranium, that’s how you become a captain of industry! Young Charlie Crocker used this exact method to acquire Southern Pacific Railroad, the scoundrel.” — Mr Burns.

  11. Great job, dudes!

  12. The best costumes require the wearer to spend the entire night explaining what they’re supposed to be.

  13. I’m very disappointed and terrified.

  14. Still not as bad as this terrible fan art

  15. My brother and I went as Bart and Maggie one Halloween, which was pretty fantastic and also not terrifying.

  16. ohhhhhh NOW I get thisismynightmare’s username.

  17. Needs more Moe.

  18. I didn’t even know I could have nightmares in the middle of the day. While awake.

  19. It’s like he’s flipping those middle fingers straight at my brain.

  20. The Japanese never cease finding new ways to make me scared of them

  21. B’oh!


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