Patti Stanger, the host of Millionaire Matchmaker, appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Trainwreck Live over the weekend and said inflammatory things about gays and Jews. In particular, she said that gay men cannot be monogamous and that Jewish men “lie.” Hahahah. Uhhhhh. What? To be honest, I kind of think gay men got the better deal on this one, because that is so patently ridiculous that it doesn’t even make any sense. The United States of America is currently strongly divided over the issue of gay marriage, and it is not because the concept of a gay monogamous relationship is completely impossible to even conceptualize. What a fucking idiot this Patti Stanger is, whoever she is. But Jewish men “lie” is a tougher one to get around. Not really sure what’s going on with that one. Lie about what? Also, what? Just all around, what? Ms. Stanger, do you need someone to talk to? (It is worth noting that Andy Cohen is both gay and Jewish. LOL. Congrats again on giving yourself a talk show on your own network, sir.) Anyway, she has FINALLY broken her legendary silence and issued the following apology (from the Hollywood Reporter):

“It’s true LA gays toughest nuts to crack to monogamy!” she tweets. She then writes, “Attn male Gays: I support you & my comment on WWHL was to a LA guy who can’t find commitment.”

Phew. Got it. So gay men in LOS ANGELES ONLY cannot be monogamous. Good apology! Millionaire APOLOGYMAKER. What the fuck all kind of apology is this?! For one thing, no. Like, not even just that this is obviously a lie and total nonsense, but she told Andy Cohen “You know this. You’re gay,” to his face on the show, so clearly no. But also, she is saying that the reason there are no gay men who can be monogamous in response to gay men who want to be monogamous? Ugh. I cannot even wrap my mind around how dumb this is. Meanwhile, still no apology or even explanation whatsoever on the whole Jewish men “lie” thing. REST YOUR CASE, PATTI STANGER! You don’t want to be tied up in Asshole Court for the rest of your life, do you? You asshole?

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  1. Gotta love this moment in time where people can very clearly say ‘Nope, didn’t say that, said this, moving on!’ Nothing counts and no one is held accountable, so leave me alone, you’re jerks, stop sharing video footage of me saying monstrous things, you jerk media jerks. Christ.

  2. this is a woman who makes a living by pushing restrictive, fucked up gender politics fueled by ridiculous gobs of cash, so frankly, i’m kinda surprised that anyone’s surprised that she harbors idiotic, hateful, and racist notions.

    • I can’t believe people pay her to play cupid. Not as surprised that she winds up with a reality show about it. Maybe that is why she’s getting clients – so they can get their 15 minutes. But, surely she had clients before the show which is insane.

      • It’s a supply-demand thing, I guess. Maybe she was the only one who thought, “You know what people need? Someone to hook up really rich people with people who only want them for their money. And maybe the really rich people don’t want to take the easy way out and just Pretty Woman someone.”

      • Not only did she have clients before, but she’s apparently the third generation of her family in the matchmaking game (according to her show’s intro). Can you imagine this jackassery going back through a family to before WWII and being successful at it?

        • Go far enough back and it’s not “find rich guy a hot wife”. It’s “find a woman to be bought with a large dowry” which was basically the way marriages sort of worked. Of course, that would probably be back more than just three generations unless the first and/or second generation were overseas in cultures that still engage in the whole dowry/arranged marriage thing.

        • You forgot the part where she’s doing God’s work. That’s my favorite part.

    • “Never mistake for surprise what is manifest contempt.” — The perfectly arched eyebrow over the full-tilt side-eye I’m throwing at Millionaire Garbagemaker.

    • She once told a client that a woman who wants to order her own meal in a restaurant isn’t a woman you would want to marry. Because she would have opinions. So yeah, I’m surprised by the surprise.

  3. ATTN. MILLIONAIRE GAY MEN: Do not, I repeat, Do Not let Patti Stanger try to matchmake you. She’d probably just put you in a room full of men and be like, “Don’t worry about choosing. This is what you want, right?”

  4. I don’t even think Eli Porter could rap his mind around that.

    (Also, please do not fix your typo and make my comment look ridiculous and nonsensical)

  5. Man, the Millionaire Matchmaker is being anti-semitic? Kinda biting the hand that feeds you, isn’t it?

  6. How many times do I have to tell you to preface apology with “some of my best friends are Jewish and Gay”?

  7. Patti’s confused me for awhile. She claims to set up millionaires who say they want a girl with a good personality with “quality” partners who don’t claim to care about the money, but her sample is women who show up at a CASTING CALL to marry MILLIONAIRES for MONEY….and then she tells the women that they need lose weight and wear a better push up bra so that the rich men will be interested in them, because they sure as hell aren’t interested in anything but their looks. Sorry, but her broad generalizations really make me angry.

  8. This is a woman who has a show about a dating service for rich people who can’t find love because they’re obnoxious narcissists who think their money makes them super awesome to be around. She’s pretty much the conductor on the asshole express.

    “I want to find love but only with a very submissive Asian woman who is less than five feet tall and will never weigh more than 93 pounds.” – the assholes on her show

  9. I am honestly not sure if what she says makes absolutely no sense, or if my reading comprehension has vastly deteriorated since yesterday. I am also honestly not sure which would be preferable. In summation: yikes.

    • No, you’re right. “It’s true LA gays toughest nuts to crack to monogamy!” is not a working sentence and it is CERTAINLY not a working apology.

      • If we all neglect whatever important work we had slated for the day, together we can turn that sentence into a Videogum meme. I’ll get the i-ball e-rolling:

        “It’s true my silence to legendary to breaks!”

        “It’s true we should all be so lucky as to find to something to brings us joy!”

        “It’s true gay Jew to picture of to my wallet!”

        This is harder than I thought it would be.

  10. “Jewish men lie.”

    Yes, that’s true. Because literally every person ever lies. It’s a thing that people do. But that doesn’t make her any less terrible.

  11. She is the worst. Someone make her go away.

  12. She may have a point. The chopped liver at the 2nd Ave Deli was good. But the best in NYC? C’mon.

  13. Ironic that she is a matchmaker. She should be locking women in towers, not helping them find their prince.

    • Maybe we’re just totally misunderstanding her title. Maybe she actually MAKES MATCHES. For millionaires.

      • These matches are the best matches money can buy, unless you’re a jew! I’m not saying that a jew could buy a better match, I’m just saying I don’t sell my matches to jews, to like, light their menorahs or whatever. Fuck em.

  14. Stanger danger!

  15. In the near future, when aliens are excavating the ruins of humanity on planet Earth, they will wonder, “what happened to this civilization? where did they go wrong?” Then they will find episodes of Bravo TV programming, and it will ALL MAKE SENSE.

  16. What is with everyone attacking gays because of open relationships? I mean, it’s fairly common outside the gay community as well. Most of the straight people just call it cheating.
    Anyway, this woman doth protest too much. I bet we find her at some nudist camp with a double headed dildo, her best girlfriend and a pasty, doughy, married republican.

  17. Also, I can guarantee you Andy Cohen doesn’t care about this. He just wants to keep his house in Sag Harbor.

  18. get a life, jews!

  19. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a catch. Find me a find. Catch me a catch.

    Oh wait, you’re Patti Stanger? Nevermind. Fuck you.

  20. remember when the world ignored people like this? can we please go back to that?

  21. I’m getting gay married!! Take that, Patti!

    …though we’re gayladies so maybe she also has opinions that align with this. Like, lesbians ONLY do monogamy! And Canadians ALWAYS tell the truth. I don’t know. Is there a place to write her?

  22. OH HELL NO!


  23. My old boss was once on an episode of this show as one of the eligible ladies. I just had to share that because can you imagine having to work FOR someone who would sign up for a show like this?

  24. I actually saw this episode live (I will now think of myself as the Horrible TV Correspondent) and she’s lying, as Gawker also pointed out. Throughout the hour, she said that gay men can’t be monogamous (in response to a question about open long-distance relationships) and then complimented the guy who actually DID call in from LA (which was after the initial comment), saying that he is handsome and he looks straight “which is a compliment.” When Andy asked why it was a compliment, she said that no one wants someone who is queenie. And then she’s like, “Come on, like you’d date a queen! You wouldn’t.”

    So yeah, she’s an idiot, but it was pretty obvious everyone agreed that she sounded stupid–the audience, which is usually filled with excited interns laughing at everything, were silent the entire hour. And really, who the hell is watching this show besides people who don’t really believe those stereotypes about gay men. When I watch her show, I cringe when she tells EVERY SINGLE woman to straighten her hair, wear certain clothes, lose weight, act less masculine, etc. And you’re supposed to; the point of the show is to dislike her and the people she works with. She makes money because she is dealing with very superficial people who want to trade goods (money for pretty people, in this case). If she were a regular old matchmaker (I’m sure that’s a thing), she wouldn’t make such grand proclamations and see things so rigidly. She knows that spouting mantras and arbitrary rules sells her stupid book, so she does that. I do hate when people can’t just own up to their shit, though. She thought she was being cute and knowledgeable so she doesn’t want to back down. Just say you said something homophobic, no matter how many gay friends you have, and apologize and move on.

  25. Because straight men never ever ever cheat and are KNOWN for their monogamy and fidelity. (Note: straight women never ever cheat either. Nope, nevereverever.)

  26. Whoever GABE is, he needs to remember that Patti was once a member of your exclusive monster ball… ‘The penis does the picking’

    JK guys, she is the worst.

  27. Hi guys! Sorry for everything, except for everything. Love you!

  28. Doesn’t Watch What Happens Live have a 2 drink MINIMUM for its guests?

    • Not that it excuses her, but it’s just not very surprising because everyone on that show is always very drunk and trying to out-outrageous eachother because they are all so ridiculous, and then they say shit that goes too far?

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