• Salon asks, “Why do audiences hate Drive?” Kelly asks, “What the heck audiences are you talking to?” -Salon
  • Movieline was able to score a few incredible interviews about Dolphin Tale with some key players in the dolphin game. CHECK IT OUT! -Movieline
  • Wired has a great profile of Dan Harmon for you to read! -Wired
  • Ooohh, Hugh Jackman has a special ticket contest offer thing for his fans! Guys! Hurry up! -JustJared
  • OMG here’s a video of the cast of Gossip Girl talking about who could be pregnant this season. Celebuzz thinks Blair and that the baby is with Chuck. I AGREE! I AGREE WITH ALL MY PRAYERS! But probably it will be, like, Lily. Ugh, whatever. -Celebuzz
  • Don Draper is back, LADIES! Look out, FELLAS! -TheSuperficial
  • Remember the guy from yesterday who sounded like Freddie Mercury? Well here’s a new guy who sounds like Eddie Vedder! I just can’t get enough of guys who sound like other guys! -BuzzFeed
  • This girl is walking from California to New York City. That great for her, it will be cool when she does it, but also that sounds absolutely terrible! NOOO! Terrible plan! Go home and read a book and then go out to dinner you deserve it! -TheDailyWhat
  • Oooohh, blind item! Guess which teen bride said she was “aroused for 24 hours straight” on her honeymoon? Hellooo? No guesses? ANYONE? Ok, it was Courtney Stodden. -Radar
  • Here’s an audio interview with the cast of Community! Great! -Ain’tItCool
  • Simon Pegg signed a bunch of stuff for a guy and then sent it back to him with a note because Simon Pegg seems to be the best or at least very good. -FilmDrunk
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  1. I saw that picture, and I saw where it said “Congratulations on being the person who has taken the most piss,” and I just assumed it was related to that Hugh Jackman contest you mentioned.

  2. Guy in hotel lobby: “What smells like a bunch of old Virginia Slims cigarette butts that have been marinated overnight in Designer Imposters perfume and aired to dry in a Denny’s Ladies room?”

    Courtney Stodden: “That’s me. I’m on my honeymoon. I’ve been aroused for 24 hours.”

    Guy in hotel lobby: “Oh, sorry. I couldn’t hear you. I was throwing up my lunch and will to live.”

  3. Did they mention in the interview that dolphins are mammals not fish, Morgan Freeman calls a dolphin a fish in the movie and he is supposed to be a sort of dolphin expert

  4. “because Simon Pegg seems to be the best…”

    *Dismynightmare tightens grip on picture of Ryan Gosling, looks down to see the picture has crumpled and sobs*

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