On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week, Jonah Hill discussed a burgeoning feud with Glee‘s Matthew Morrison. The only question is: WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

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  1. Damn, mis-read the title and assumed this was a reality show about which of two celebrities would be better at psychoanalysis. To be fair, it wouldn’t be any worse than a Nicholas fucking Sparks TV show

  2. Hope they don’t butt heads, their curls might get stuck together.

  3. Whoever wins, we lose*

    *sorry Jonahheads or Morrisonheads. I stand by this statement.

  4. What a bunch of grumps. You guys know it’s Friday, right?

    • Already sung “Friday” by Rebecca Black to my kids, right into “Friday I’m in Love” by the Cure as we all got ready to leave the house this morning for school. So, yes. I’m with you on this one. It is definitely Friday.

  5. “That’s just a fucking taste Morrison”

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