Ah, it’s an exciting time to be a television fan! Living in television’s golden age, like we do. Only nonstop good ideas from everyone getting thrown around. And really when you’re trying to come up with a very good idea, it’s best to think simply. Don’t overthink. Just ask yourself, What do people like? People like games. People like reality. People like childhood. People like sitting. People like one person feeling left out when they cannot sit. People like “extreme.” The formula yields only one answer: EXTREME MUSICAL CHAIRS! From Variety:

The CW is developing unscripted format “Extreme Musical Chairs.” The series would transform the popular children’s game into a physically demanding competition with multiple rounds of elimination set in an indoor obstacle course.

Hahah, ooooohhhhhh my goodness. I wonder when they were pitching this idea that they were worried it would be a little too good? Like if anyone overheard them talking about they would steal it and run to the nearest network and become billionaires themselves? THE DRAMA! THE EXCITEMENT! THE CHAIRS! You cannot miss. And it only leaves me looking forward to the future when there are many reality shows based on popular children’s games, like:

  • Extreme Heads Up Seven Up
  • Extreme Red Rover
  • Extreme TV Tag
  • Extreme Throwing Up At School
  • Extreme Accidentally Peeing Your Pants Because You Didn’t Realize You Couldn’t Hold It In
  • Extreme Wanting To Express Individuality But Immediately Understanding That It Makes You Stick Out And Gain Sometimes Negative Attention And Then Maybe Wanting To Express It Less
  • Extreme Trading Lunch Items


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  1. The Parents Televison Council is NOT going to be happy with NBC’s response to this, Extreme The Floor Is Lava.

    • i am delurking after a year, having finally signed up for an account just so i can inform you that i laughed so hard at “Extreme the Floor is Lava” that my throat now hurts. I’m going to use my hurting throat in my audition for Extreme Mom I Don’t Feel So Good (Season 2).

  2. “Sure, we’d love to play Musical Chairs!”

  3. I’m glad it’s Extreme. That makes me love it More Than Words can say.

    • There was a Hole In My Heart until this came along.

      • Related: which band name is more misleading, Extreme or Savage Garden? Discuss.

        • Savage Garden. Extreme actually had a very prominent amount of their five-album repertoire dedicated to shredding and fast-tempo hard rock, including Nuno Bettencourt’s “Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee” off Extreme II, which riffed off of the famous string work by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Extreme’s attempt to break into the hard rock market was thwarted when they composed a one-off acoustic duet entitled “More than Words”, which was an uncharacteristically romantic and lighthearted, but immensely popular. Record companies then released “Hole Hearted” off the same album to capitalize on “More than Words’” success. The only truly fast-tempo song to reach popularity by Extreme was “Rest in Peace”, which featured one of my favorite guitar solos of the early 90′s hair metal period. Fact is, Nuno Bettencourt was an amazing guitarist, and played some of the most melodic hard rock guitar for his time period.

          I’m down here, mom! No! Down in the basement on the computer! Are my pizza rolls burning in the toaster oven?!?

  4. Extreme Steal The Bacon – on the Food Network, of course

  5. “Red Rover, Red Rover, let Nitro come over!”

  6. Damn I used to love this show; tried to recreate all the games and everything. They should bring this back. Wait, they did? It wasn’t as cool? ah shucks. Okay, bring on extreme musical chairs. It’s gotta be better than Whitney*.

    *I watched the first few minutes of this and, I don’t know if there will be an open thread but, ugh^stoddard.

  7. Can Not Fucking Wait for Extreme Duck Duck Goose

  8. on a nostalgic note, did anyone use heads up seven up solely as an excuse to touch the cute girls hand and try and have her guess you? #pervertintraining

  9. Extreme Red Light Green Light : Contestants try to jay walk in NYC while celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow travels at 75 MPH through the streets. Winners get a story how Paltrow saved their lives.

  10. From now on, I will refer to sex as “playing Extreme Doctor.”

  11. CW is so gross and immature! This can’t be worse than H8R however.

  12. You know how ESPN shows poker tournaments? Well I think CW needs to make an Extreme Pogs Tournament show.

  13. Heads up 7 up is inherently extreme.

    • Totes. And you know, when you played as a kid, you knew that if the person put your thumb down it meant they liked you. So this could also be a dating show.

      • I actually found Videogum really confusing at first, because what you do with the thumbs when you like someone is the opposite of Heads Up Seven Up.

  14. If anyone could maybe put together a picture of Dan Cortese sitting next to a phone waiting for it to ring, I’d love to see it.

  15. “Time for the Extreme Musical Chairs BONUS Round, Brought to you by BOOST Mobile. Remember, Boost Mobile’s no contract cell phones are designed to fit every budget.

    As you know, during the BONUS round, we have one of today’s hottest musical acts come to the Extreme Musical Chairs Studios and play their version of “Pop Goes The Weasel.” America! Put your hands together for today’s musical guest; SKRILLEX!”

  16. Extreme Waiting-In-Line-To-Play-Tetherball-Whoops-Recess-Is-Over-Now

  17. A show about Adult Sandbox is going to be pitched as Extreme Dig To China.

  18. Two things:

    1. I think many of us have played Extreme Red Rover, and know it is an awesome way to make that game fun for another year or so of childhood.

    2. Extreme, full-contact, no-rules basketball, on pavement. This I actually played during recess in middle school. How it was allowed, I have no idea. People would tuck the ball under their arm, football-style, and people would try to tackle them to prevent shots or passes. My glory moment came when I took a jump-shot, got tackled mid-air, fell the ground, bouncing my head off the pavement, came to with everyone crouched over me (not out of concern, but more out of hiding the unconscious body from teachers until it they had a plan), and asked if I made the shot. I did. (Not that I was any good at basketball — I’m fairly certain that was the only jump-shot I made all year.)

    • extremem basketball was always the best way to get all your agression out. I’m pretty sure it would usually just devolve into wrestling.

      Also, instead of king of the hill we would play king of the slide. being thrown from an 8 foot slide into a pile of sand was kind of the best.

  19. So I know I played Heads Up, Seven Up in school, but couldn’t remember the specifics of the game, so checked the rules on wikipedia and this was in the description…

    “This game is sometimes used by teachers to determine who the cheaters in the class are. If someone is especially “lucky”, the teacher knows to keep an eye on them.”

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