I’m not sure what it is that is so compelling about watching a video from the perspective of someone climbing something very tall and dangerous. Or, I guess, I don’t know why I feel like I absolutely NEED to watch every single video of someone doing this when they all only make me feel nervous and terrible. Maybe because it’s fun to feel anxious and terrible sometimes, like when you’re watching Breaking Bad? Maybe because if makes you feel safer, thinking that even though it’s getting darker earlier again and you’re going to have to walk by yourself from the subway to your apartment and what if you get raped, at least you’re not climbing the Red Gates skyscraper in Moscow, apparently Russia’s tallest skyscraper, without any safety equipment? Because if you don’t watch all the videos all the people in the videos will die and you cannot deal with having their blood on your hands, not for this? It’s a tough call. But it’s safe to say that there is at least SOME reason why we all definitely need to watch all of these terrifying videos so we might as well not put this one off any longer.

The thing I’m thinking about this video is that all of the stuff he’s climbing on looks VERY rusty. What if it just broke off? And he fell and died a terrible death? Jesus Christ! Why didn’t anyone stop this person from doing this? And also I don’t think I’m afraid of heights, but then why do I feel so sick and terrible when the camera pans down to the ground? And when he uses one hand to show himself on camera? AT LEAST PUT BOTH HANDS ON THE SKYSCRAPER! I’m sorry about this video, but you can all rest easy tonight knowing that you did your job and this young man lived to see another day and probably climb another stupid thing with no safety equipment at all because he is terrible and I hate him. (Via VVV.)

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  1. Hey I can see my house from here.. HEY MA! GET OFF THE DANG ROOF!

  2. Russia is a country that only recently declared beer to be alcoholic (beforehand only liquids with a greater than 10% ABV were labelled as alcohol), and whose most well-known political figure of recent years likes to cultivate the image that one of his past-times is wrestling bears. This is not a culture wholly worried about safety procedures

  3. You say he’s Russian, but I thought he climbed that build rather methodically.

  4. Incidentally, he could see Sarah Palin’s house from up there.

  5. The one reassuring thing about Youtube Climbs (TM) is that chances are if the video is on YouTube, it will not end with someone splattered all over the sidewalk. But then again, who ever said phobias operate on probability? No one. Not until now. I just said it. “Phobias are inherently rational.” -Mailman

  6. This is a very dumb thing to do.

  7. I’d like to believe that there were trampolines and video cameras set up at the bottom. You know, just in case the internet.

  8. Is this the guy that drops the Tetris blocks?

  9. Oh sure, climb it in summer — that’s easy. Napoleon tried to climb it in winter and it wasn’t so easy. (It was his Waterloo.)

  10. I’m not so much scared of heights as I am of my weak little girl hands.

  11. Notes from Overground.

  12. despite what it looked like, this pole was actually climbing the guy. not vice versa.

  13. I know that all of you were thinking “wow that guy is cute and what is his phone number and also I hope he’s at least 18 and visits the States sometime” just exactly how I was, but you just forgot to mention it. Obviously. I know that’s what happened.

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