I don’t know what Weetabix is, because these colors don’t run, but if there is for real a breakfast cereal in this world that causes the sky to erupt into dubstep while all of the stuffed animals come to life and start tearing shit up (and are also black belts in karate? Is that one of the cereal’s effects, or was that bear always a black belt in karate and now he’s just using his years of disciplined training to make his magic dubstep dancing more impressive? If an official spokesperson for Weetabix, whatever Weetabix is, could get back to me on the origin story of the black belt karate dubstep dancing bear, that would be great, CHEERS) I would buy that cereal. Wait, is Weetabix the same thing as Skrillex? What’s Skrillex? Can you eat THAT for breakfast? I just want to eat something that will make me dance. Hallucinate and dance. GOOD MORNING!

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  1. Ask your doctor about WEATABIX.
    Side effects of WEATABIX include: Hallucination, antsinthepants, shedding and “the runs.”

  2. The thing I find least believable about this commercial is that someone would have at least 9 identical teddy bears.


  4. PRO TIP: If you want to trick kids into eating your disgusting cereal while also tricking parents into thinking it’s healthy, the best strategy is to use your healthiest ingredient in the name of the product, but misspell it, so that the kids won’t catch on. See also: King Vitaman.

  5. Why are these kids sitting on their friend’s floor so damned early in the morning, watching her eat breakfast? And why is she clearly not sharing any? And while we’re at it, why is she eating breakfast alone in her room? She should be at the table, downstairs, eating breakfast with her family.

  6. Wait, that is what “dubstep” sounds like? Jesus Christ you kids. Get off my lawn.

  7. Weetabix: It’s LSDelicious.

  8. For those of you who do not know what Weetabix looks like, prepare to be disillusioned:

  9. This just put me in the most cheerful mood.

  10. Skrillex are toaster pancakes, idiot.

  11. dropping weatabix-25 right now

  12. Weetabix is AMAZING when you’re on molly, you guys.

  13. James Frosted (B)Flakes

  14. #yesplease

  15. new party game? dubstep cereals?

    -datsix are for kids
    -dj chuckie charms
    -feed me (cereal)

    (this is really hard to do in the morning and dubstep names are all WEIRD)

  16. fake and whey

  17. Those bears are so JIGGLY when they dance! Good on them for not having body issues.

  18. I’ll let the Guardian’s Charlie Brooker handle this:

    in July, it was reported that Weetabix had recruited 15 especially active kids to wear special Weetabix-branded clothing “on their busiest days”, in order to show that “youngsters who eat Weetabix can pack more into a day than those who don’t”. Weetabix spokesthing Sally Abbott was quoted as saying: “Parents know why Weetabix is great for big days but we need to find different ways of getting that message across to kids.”

    No you don’t, Sally. You just think you do. And in the process, you’ve got a message across to me: that Weetabix is evil. Until I stumbled across this months-old story, I liked Weetabix. I associated Weetabix with the lovable cartoon Weetabix skinhead gang from the 1980s. I couldn’t eat enough of those guys. Even ate a couple this morning. But now I associate Weetabix with a nightmare vision of a dystopian future in which children are brand ambassadors

    The takeaway? This.

  19. I think I finally understand what the London riots were all about.

  20. “advert”

  21. My mind was also blown by the karate black belt dub step dancing ninja bear, but more importantly, can we please address the BUTTON MONOCLE?!?!?!11?!

  22. Wheatabix is REALLY GOOD for like 5 seconds before it turns to complete shit.
    Kind of like Dubstep.

  23. This is the best commercial I’ve ever seen. Too bad the cereal looks like a used brillo pad…….or poop.

  24. Weetabix, you can do stupid things!

  25. Thank goodness these now come in spoon size.

  26. “I like weetabix.”- me, who accepts the fact that no one will ever understand the appeal of oat turds.

  27. girl looks like a little version of tune-yards

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