Nicholas Sparks, the bestselling author who has had, I think, every single one of his books made into movies you really love (A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John, etc.) will finally be making his original-series-not-based-on-a-book TV debut, on ABC. “Oh my goodness, great news THIS early in the morning?” I know. Throw your coffee in the garbage. From Deadline:

The drama, titled The Watchers, tells the story of a fallen angel looking for his mortal love. … “I’ve always wanted to create a smart, unconventional show about angels on Earth, and ABC is the perfect home for this kind of imaginative, character-driven drama,” said Sparks.

Duh, of course. Who hasn’t always wanted to create a smart, unconventional show about angels on Earth. But, uh, really kind of a spoiler because I thought there was only going to be one angel? Now there are already multiple angels? The idea of multiple angels doesn’t pique my interest as much as one single angel does, Nicholas. But the thing with Nicholas Sparks that I understand from seeing 1 of his movies (A Walk to Remember, if you must know) and reading 0 of his novels is that there is always some sort of a sad plot twist. So. What with the sad plot twist be of THIS ONE?

  • Angel is really a devil, but the girl is already in love.
  • Angel doesn’t tell the girl that he’s an angel and when he does tell her she’s like, “But I’M an angel,” and for some reason since he came to Earth to look for his “mortal love,” this means they cannot be together unless one of them gives up their angel wings.
  • The plot of City of Angels except one of them dies and then that’s the end.
  • Angel is not really an angel after all. But the girl IS an angel!
  • The exact plot of Michael.
  • Dead Like Me except one of them falls in love but the girl has a boyfriend, plus she thinks angels are gross.
  • The angel falls in love but then the girl goes into a coma for 80 years and wakes up with she’s 100 and the angel still looks 20 but they’re still in love, but then the lady dies.
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  1. “I’ve always wanted to create a smart, unconventional show about angels on Earth”

    Exhibit A

  2. He’s going to have a hard time with castin, what with one of the leads dying at the end of every episode.

  3. The angel is in the outfield and falls in love with the foul pole

  4. Sure, because nothing says ‘unconventional’ like a property about an otherworldly man-creature changing the life of one special girl while also turning her world upside down. Very unconventional! Nicholas Sparks is my generation’s David Lynch. Watch out everyone!

    - I brought you flowers.
    - Oh thank you, you’re an angel.
    - …
    - Oh wow you have wings now!
    - Red Bull? Red Bull.

  5. Ohhhh I hope the Angel smokes. That would really turn the genre on it’s head.

  6. I want to write a smart, unconventional show about the devil on Earth. It would be the story of the Dark Lord turned mortal, writing sappy stories that appeal to the laziest people on Earth, and getting their idle hands to do his work. I would give the devil character some kind of thinly disguised devil name, like Sparks.

  7. You know, I thought I was feeling way too optimistic this morning. This is just the reality check I needed!

    If you will excuse me, I shall be going back to bed. Forever.

  8. i hope they get Wim Wenders to direct the pilot episode.

  9. This is really exciting*. I think this could be really good.**


    ** UGH

  10. The angel is not only an angel but is also a time-traveling flapper ghost angel?

    • That would be the cat’s meow!

      • 23-Skidoo!

        • I recently learned that, apparently, the term “23 skidoo” arose from people looking up women’s skirts around the flatiron building. When it was first built it was so much taller than everything around it in addition to being a wedge shape. That caused there to be crazy swirls of wind that would often blow up women’s skirts, leading to large groups of men who would gather to ogle. Since it wasn’t proper for police to yell, “Hey! Stop looking up that woman’s skirt!” They would yell “23 Skidoo!” because 23rd st. and skidoo? Not sure why the skidoo. I think it means “get outta here, ya bums!”


          • Really? I always thought it had something to do with the Lindy Hop. This conversation has happened a million times in the past 10 years or so:

            Me: “23-skidoo!”
            Friend: “Ha! Hey what does that mean anyways?”
            Me: “I dunno, pretty sure it’s related to the Lindy Hop.”
            Friend: “Oh. Huh.”

            And if my friends are as dim as I am, and their friends the same, then this conversation has been propagating all over the place. 23-CONTAGION!

          • I didn’t think this was an actual thing that actually happened, but I saw the girl’s-skirt-blowing-up-due-to-a-train-passing thing on 57th and 6th one time and it was the closest thing I ever came to being bar-mitzvahed.

          • Witnessed same on E 10th, on one of the first warmish early spring days when ladies break out the dresses. My (dude) friend burst out laughing, apparently because he had seen the lady step over the grate, and just been thinking “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” The lady was very good-natured about it.

          • I am so sure it was E 10th, but have no idea what train station it would have been. Hm.

  11. Turns out the angel is pooping.

  12. Ryan G<3sling will play Ryan Reynolds and Maggie Gallagher (National Organization for Marriage-NOM) will play Amy Adams. The Amy Adams character will kill herself (or die in a plane accident) and come back as an angel that only G<3sling/Reynolds can see, but he has to find another love, but he can't because he has to have a challenge every week to make sure he is a good christian and can earn a place in heaven with her. So he starts a Westboro Baptist like church group to hate on sinners and ends up a drug addict. Characters have to walk him through redemption but are constantly interrupted by his withdrawal pains and so he has THAT to deal with as well and it will get 28 million viewers every week. This will be the promo poster:

  13. goddammit ABC already had a show about an angel on earth. it was called “teen angel” and it was on TGIF for the 1997-1998 season. the kid died from eating an old hamburger!

  14. Well no wonder you didn’t love Ryan Gosling until just recently, you’ve never seen the Notebook! He was just oh so dreamy in that movie…..sigh……

  15. How I Met Your Mother [the Angel]

  16. Sparks picks up a copy of season one of The Wire from the shelf. “This, this is what I create.”

  17. Sure, he’s looking for his mortal love, but what he finds is Fast Food, Internets and Porn. He then has to take a Job to pay for the beer he needs to to get through the job he got to pay for his porn. The days pass by in a neverending sameness until he wakes up and realizes he’s too fat and too old and he’s never met his girlfriend in real life. The good news is he doesn’t really care anymore. #theend.

  18. If he’s an angel (read: has some sort of supernatural powers and/or knowledge), why is he “looking for” his love? Episode One: Angel goes to a library, gets on a computer, types in her name and any other identifying information, and finds her. Bam! Nailed it.

  19. I think I am going to create a show called The Watchers. Its going to be a romantic/creepy love story about two New Yorkers who live across the street from each other and fall in love by watching each other through their windows.

    Makes about as much sense as the above description.

  20. Nope, it’s the remake of the straight-a-student by day Hollywood-hooker-by-night story. OBVIOUSLY.

  21. There is no god. The angel is skitzophrenic.

  22. The only reason he had to go to the angel angle is because MTV has made at least 3-4 True Life: My High School Boyfriend Has Cancer episodes.

  23. As an English Major, Nicholas Sparks stories insult me. As a woman, Nicholas Sparks stories insult me. All around – Nicholas Sparks stories insult me. There have to be better options for TV producers, right? RIGHT? RIGHT?????? This can’t be the best option out there. Please, no.

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