Not sure how this was originally reported last week and we somehow missed it, all of us, but we are all equally to blame and we all need to learn how to forgive ourselves. In any case THIS (from Deadline):

Snoop Dogg’ — a sitcom star? The rapper-actor has teamed with sitcom veteran Don Reo for a multi-camera family sitcom project that would star Snoop Dogg as the father. The project has been set up at Warner Bros TV and is yet to be taken out to the networks. Snoop Dogg has played a similar role on TV before, on his E! reality series Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, which chronicled his family life with his wife and his three kids.

Right. Snoop Dogg has played a father on TV before by being a father to his children on TV before. Got it! This is a great idea for a show. “He’s a dad.” Very fun idea. We’re all on board. The question now, though, is WHAT DO WE CALL IT? Hmmm. How about:

  • Snoop Doggy Daaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaad
  • Gin And Dads
  • Dad’s Upside Ya Dad!
  • Mack Dad
  • Weeds

These are good names. Almost as good as the idea for the show itself. So everything about this is great.

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  1. -”Nothing but a pg-thang”

    -”Snoop Doggg” (the extra ‘g’ stands for great television!)

  2. Mizzled With Childrizzles

  3. We all already know this is actually going to be called Tha Dogg House, right?

  4. Snoop-a-loop: The “Bring your green hat” story

    • I just hope Whitney gets cancelled. Also? Maria Bello needs to take off that stupid hat.

      • Seriously, wtf with the promo campaign for Whitney? I can’t remember another show so desperate for my attention. It’s a huge turn-off.

      • I like Whitney’s standup, so I’ll give the show a shot. Low expectations, so maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

        But, yes, Maria Bellow really does need to ditch the hat.

        Anyone watch Up All Night? I thought the pilot was pretty funny.

      • The one promo where she makes fun of guys wearing their favorite team’s jerseys while they watch football makes me want to give her a knuckle sammich. And that was the first promo I saw, so I’ve been out from the beginning.

  5. Adventures In Hiding Weed From Kids

  6. can we also get a side bet going where we bet on how long it will be before Warner “drops it like it’s hot”, drop being cancel, and hot being hot like fresh dog shit?

  7. Dogg the Booty Hunter

  8. “He Used to Seem Threatening?”

  9. 187 Simple Rules

  10. “Mind on my Money, Money with my kids!”

  11. They could call it The Dogg Pound and have Arsenio Hall be his slightly depressing best friend.

  12. The Next Ice Cube

  13. My Nurse is a Slut

  14. Lopez Tonight

  15. Gin and Juice Boxes

  16. Word To Your Father… izzle.

  17. Black Sitcom Retread with special appearance by Marla Gibbs.

  18. You’re The Man Now, Dogg

  19. Two and a half dimes

  20. Tha Snopp Dogg Sitcomm

  21. Hangin’ With Mr. Snooper

  22. Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Died In A Gang-Related Incident.

  23. Have I mentioned that I love Snoop? LOVE the Snoop. He is the best. I mean, no way in hell will I watch this show. I don’t love his acting. But I just want to break a heart necklace in half and give him one of the halves.

  24. I only have one suggestion (Father Knows Biznass) but I also have an idea for a sitcom in which he plays a detective that would obviously be called ‘Snoop’ because that’s brilliant.

    Give me your money. Give me your money.

  25. The New Adventures of Old Rappers (and Kids)

  26. The Dogg Whisperer

  27. Snoop Dogg’s a Dad Or Something Whatever

    Well, they should put as much thought into the title as the did the concept, right?

  28. Smoke Weed and Fuck Mad Bitchez.

  29. Pound Puppies

  30. Dee’s Nuts, a black Bob’s Burgers if you will.

  31. IT’s A dOgG eAT dOGg WoRLd

  32. Your Wife and Kids, Charlie Brown

    Did I do that right?

  33. Wait Until Your Doggfather Gets Home

  34. Deeeeeez Nuuuuurturing Instincts

  35. Goodizzle Timesnizzles

  36. Snoop D.A.D.D. (pronounced “D A Double D”)


    In which they continually show previews for next week’s episode and never the actual show. Genius idea.

  38. $#*! My Dogg Says

  39. Major Dogg

  40. I predict that this show will bong.

  41. Brothaz and Sistaz

    How I Pimped Your Mother


    Scrubz (Theme song is TLC)

    The Pimpsons

    Raising Dope

    Sabriniqua The Teenage Bottom Bitch

  42. How I Met Your Mothers

  43. H.R. Pufnstuf II: H.R. Pufnstuf Harder

  44. “That’s So Cancelled”
    “Doggfather Knows Best”

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