Looking good, Nancy Grace! (Via Julie Klausner.)

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  1. This is what I get to wake up to.

  2. Kathie Lee is so much hotter right now

    • Although the smelling my armpits maneuver is a classic. And Indicates a Certain Heat Level in and of itself, if you know what I mean

      I Mean Nancy Grace Stinks

  3. You think this is frightening, try imagining it at 60 FPS.

  4. Why is the world trying to make me stare at Nancy Grace’s breasts this morning? I have no interest in them, and yet I am mesmerized.

  5. I made a handy flowchart on what these gifs have done to my appetite.

  6. At least she seems to be aware that her best shot at getting ahead on this show is by keeping her face covered as much as possible.

  7. “Mr. Delahaye. Tear down this wall.” — Donald Deagan

  8. I was browsin’ the tubez last night (watching TV) and I noticed that Dancing With The Stars, The Sing Off, and Two And A Half Men Season Premiere were all on at the same time. This would be later called, in the history books, THE WHITEST MOMENT IN TELEVISION HISTORY

  9. This guy would win this show.

  10. What’s everyone’s favorite dance move? I am a huge fan of the “dramatic dice roll” lately. Never fails.

  11. I’m so glad I’m already gay. If I wasn’t I probably would be now.

  12. Well for the love of fuck… Between this and the attempted humanification of Dick Cheney during his parallel universe book tour, maybe the boob tube really IS the Devil’s tool.

  13. Unfortunately, this is probably what I will look like in 30 years (I am assuming Nancy Grace is about 55; oops and sorry to her if she is actually, like, 40. But also I lied, I am not sorry, you are an asshole.). My dancing is better and my dress will be a million times less ugly, but I looked into that gif and saw the future and it was scary. However, thinking of seeing my parents and their friends at dance parties (not to mention that scene from Parenthood last week that was RIDIC, eh Kelly?) I wonder if at a certain point dancing skills start to decrease exponentially with age?

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