It’s about magic versus reality, and here he is talking about it. I hope Ricky Gervais’s parents give it to him for his birthday and it teaches him how to be a less annoying atheist.

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  1. I can appreciate a book about not lying to kids, but even I *yawn* couldn’t contain my bord-*yawn*-om watching this.

    • Before I discovered wine, I literally used to put on youtube videos of Richard Dawkins lectures to help me get to sleep. Old British guys talking about biology can be very soothing.

  2. Damnit. I forgot to wear my Ricky Gervais-defending pants today. My tongue is gonna be so sore from biting it.

  3. I <3 Richard Dawkins.

  4. Not an atheist, but if my wish list for people to teach a Becoming a More Awesome Atheist class begins and ends here:

  5. Goodnight room.
    Goodnight moon.
    Good night cow jumping over the moon.
    (Of course, the very idea of a cow jumping over the moon is ludicrous. Even if a cow had the ability to launch itself over a distance of 384400 kilometers, her bovine frame would not be able to survive the egress and entry into the Earth’s thermosphere, completely setting aside the lack of oxygen in the vacuum of space. If we investigate further, the introduction of a cow jumping over a moon was introduced in the English Nursery Rhyme, “Hey Diddle Diddle,” which was in fact an allegorical work that deals with anti-clerical feeling over injunctions by Catholic priests for harder work.)
    Goodnight light
    And the red balloon

  6. And still no love for my agnostic children’s book, There May or May Not Be Some Higher Power, But Whelp, Let’s Talk About Cookies Instead.

    • You have have some competition with mine, “Even if There is Some Higher Power the Human Mind is Not Capable of Comprehending it or Understanding it Everyone Poops.”

      • Who knew so many of us were in the same market. My own work is about to come out: “Either way, You’ll be in the Ground Soon Enough, So Just be Nice, Dammit.”

        • At the outside, babies, you’ve got about a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies — “God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

  7. Finally someone brave enough to put the Jesus Christ story into the myth category. Even though Jesus Christ wasn’t his real name. The Christ part was given to him by the Greeks.

  8. If you want lessons on how to be a less annoying atheist…Richard Dawkins is not your man. Richard Dawkins is the worst and makes me want to pick up the bible to spite him.

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