As you know, I am a fervent supporter of the Adam/Chu Dance Crew, not only because I feel that aggressive, athletic dance represents the future of combat, but because the ACDC got robbed at the Teen Choice Awards, which makes them the underdog, and who doesn’t love to root for an underdog? When the Miley Cyrus Tween Army completes its coup, there will be at least one voice crying out in the darkness.

But, all of that being said, the Adam/Chu Dance Crew performed at last week’s YouTube Live event, whatever that was, and it just really shows you what happens when you take an online video and bring it to life on the stage.

(thanks for the tip, Adriana)

What happens is it sucks. Apparently, YouTube Live was a funeral for enthusiasm and enjoyment. Not that you can even blame the audience. The event was partly hosted by Fred and surely involved countless “Chocolate Rain” jokes and Philip DiFranco cameos and held in what appears to be a 100 square foot videogame about boredom, so it’s no wonder that they felt more like killing themselves than cheering on the world’s most incredible dance troupe.

Get off the stage, Adam/Chu Dance Crew! That’s my advice. Get off the stage! You’re great! Stop it!

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  1. dafs  |   Posted on Nov 24th, 2008 0

    The problem as I see it is that they’re treating Youtube as a genuine phenomenon, and not what it is, which is something people go to when they’re bored.

  2. i’m having a panic attack. this was SOOOOOO an episode of ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ that haunted my childhood – and continues to haunt my current nightmares – where things from the computer manifest themselves into tangible (villainous?) realities.

    i’m freaking out.

  3. I just want to figure out how to harness the technology of changing channels by jumping up and down on the floor, thereby solving the childhood obesity EPIDEMIC.

  4. breakin’ 3: digital boogaloo.

  5. Thankfully the night was saved by that dude’s “Welcome to YouTube” masterpiece where he mocks (glorifies?) everyone’s obsession with YouTube, yet he is the one with his head up his butt hole. Oh so quirky!

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