The tipster who sent this in (thanks Jon) said that it was sad to see Bodie reduced to commercial acting. What?! Are you kidding? Do you know how much people get paid for speaking lines in nationally broadcast commercials for major corporations? It is called being on one’s grind and getting that paper. That is what it is called. Fuck taking back the towers when you can just move to a nice 2BR with EIK in Federal Hill. Good light.

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  1. Glad we figured that one out. Now back to finding Wallace.

  2. Maaan, when I was like 6, my hand was in a commercial on a public access channel, and I didn’t get paid nothin’! Someone in Pensacola, FL find out who I gotta sue for this, alright? I think it was for some Greek or Mexican restaurant, but it was for sure shown during a police show.

    • Greek OR Mexican? I think we all know which one it was. Typecasting is a bitch.

    • I was not attractive enough to be a child hand model, but I was in a radio commercial for the Keg when I was a kid. Maybe I had the same agent as you, because I do not remember getting paid either.

      These kids know what we’re talking about [starvingkids.gif]

  3. It’s funny he’s in a FedEx commercial, because I thought he’d be a better fit for Bodie-HL.

    I’m here all week folks.

  4. “I would suggest watching the commercial from the :25 mark.” -werttrew

  5. I just saw that spot the other day, and it really bugged me. Not because of Bodie* or anything like that, but because that woman at the end asked “what’s the executive compensation list?” There is no way someone would be holding a piece of paper with those words on it and not be able to solve the riddle. That is just some goddamn lazy copy right there.

    *I’ve never seen The Wire and don’t even know which one of those people we’re talking about

  6. Goddammit! I read that as Birdie in a Fedex Commercial, and I got so excited. #Birdie4Fedex

  7. “Ehm… Yeah… sure…. I’m acting” – Bodie trying to hide his new job as a delivery boy at FedEx.

  8. FedEx-Con

  9. walking in to work this morning I saw a DHL delivery man hold the door open for a FedEx delivery woman and it made me smile.

  10. At least he’s still acting. I ran into Ziggy the other day when he came in to repair our xray at the office.

  11. Roy, the annoying Wiccan juice box from True Blood, is in some sort of American Express cashback commercial, as a dad in a grocery store. Roy lives on!

  12. I hope he’s getting points on the package.

  13. To be fair to myself, I also said “On the other hand, get that paper, son!”

    I also think it would have been awesome if the commercial had ended with him “Bodie-spitting” in that lady’s face. FedEx doesn’t understand keeping it real.

  14. Casting Bodie in the role actually makes a ton of sense when you consider the fairly symbiotic relationship between FedEx and WeBay.

  15. Also, isn’t that Jerry Minor?

  16. Actually, being in a national commercial isn’t what it used to be. The residuals, if there are any, are not like the old days where a good commercial gig could keep you eating for a few months. So, it is sad, sorry to say.

  17. It may not be wise or particularly balanced of me, but I like to imagine the Wire actors’ new roles as ghostly emanations of what their lives would have been like had they not died.

    Like, Wallace, if he had lived, would somehow find his way to Texas where he’d be taken under the wing of one Coach Taylor and moulded into a man while struggling through some of the emotional problems of his childhood.

    Bodie cleans up his act and joins Fed-Ex, apparently, as a delivery man.

    Stringer Bell moves to London, nails the British accent to assume a new identity, and becomes an emotionally volatile detective.

    McNulty marries the grandaughter of Charlie Chaplin, travels back in time, and hosts a BBC news hour (OK, this one doesn’t work so well).

  18. I was gonna be all, “c’mon guys, Bodie’s ALWAYS on TV, he’s doing fiiine.” But then I checked IMDB and actually it’s just that he’s been on The Good Wife twice this season, in different roles.

    (The Good Wife maybe has The Wire’s casting director, or else its producers just really like that show, because they hire like exclusively from The Wire … Kima, Carver, Chris Partlow (who plays a pastor!), Nick AND his uncle … let’s all watch and then maybe, um, Christine Baranski GIFs?)

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