Guys, pay attention.

It is always funny how cheap and weird before and after pictures look when you’re dealing with weight loss or teeth whitening or whatever, because it’s obviously just two different people, but how do you mess up before and after pictures of shoe lifts? Even if you are faking it, just make them stand on a phone book, or whatever. There is absolutely no excuse for them often looking like two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Also, if your idea of a date is standing next to a woman facing in the same direction in a park in the middle of the day, maybe being too short is the least of your dating problems. And how come the “More Attention” clip is clearly, like, a husband and wife? Did she not know how tall he was when she married him? Or did she just think maybe he would get taller over time? I guess my basic question about this advertisement is just hahaha what? And I have a follow-up: hahaha really? MAXLaffs.

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  1. Aside from all of the very obvious problems here, did they not stop to consider the fact that being tall SUCKS? It does not get you laid more often. It just makes you bang your head on shit.

  2. “Poor Dave is 5’9″ That’s pretty tall isn’t it? I mean at least average?

  3. But what if you want to be GABE-Tall?

  4. I’m just glad everyone can ride rollercoasters now.

  5. Usually when the internet tells me I need to add two inches to something, it is not talking about shoe inserts.

  6. Maybe forego the inserts and just get rid of the square toed shoes.

  7. Get Marketing on the horn! We need a catchy name for pituitary tumors!

  8. “I’ve never been looked over at work.” – this guy

  9. It definitely wouldn’t be weird if one day I was suddenly three inches taller. My friends would definitely not make fun of me and would probably let me live it down a little too quickly, if anything. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to run out and buy a toupee.

  10. This is kind of like the male equivalent of a push-up bra. Once the clothes/shoes come off, there must be a big “wah wah” moment.

    “Weren’t you taller before? I’m not going to sleep with you anymore.” – all women

  11. “Shoot, how are we going to pay these strippers? We MAXTall Jeffy’s credit cards”

  12. Wouldn’t it be easier to break your legs, separate the bones just a bit so they grow together, then wear leg braces for a year until they heal, and then do this a couple of times.

  13. (this is a Patton Oswalt joke)

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