• This week’s Videogum Movie Club movie is Drive. GO SEE IT! It is very good. Then let’s meet back here and talk about it on Monday. -Drive Trailer
  • Speaking of Drive, Ryan Gosling is adorable and very nice in this interview. Read his parts with a Ryan Gosling voice in your head. -Vulture
  • There’s a new episode of FilmDrunk’s podcast, and on it they interview one of the guys from Shut Up, Little Man. Do you want to listen to it? If so, -FilmDrunk
  • Nicolas Cage is a vampire, worth $1,000,000.00. -TheDailyWhat
  • Victoria Beckham’s tiny infant looooooves Prada. I’m so sure, Victoria Beckham. Also when I was young you made me hate my curly hair because I wanted straight hair like you. So thanks a lot. -Dlisted
  • Kieran Culkin is dating Scarlette Johannson apparently, which may seem odd, but really who wouldn’t date a Culkin just for the chance to have a Culkin baby. Even though they invariably grow up weird, they are just the cutest little kids. Right? -TheSuperficial
  • It’s Amy Poehler’s 40th birthday today, yay! Celebuzz has put together a video of her ten funniest moments. Cool, great! -Celebuzz
  • Tyrese says Michael Bay is a barking dog or something like that. -Movieline
  • Salon has put together a couple of breakouts from the Toronto International Film Festival. Check them out, eh? Why not? You love movies. -Salon
  • Here is part of the Brad Pitt interview that everyone is talking about because of how he disses JenAn. I can’t believe the entire world still talks about their 10000 year old relationship. If I were AngJo I’d be piiiisssed. -JustJared
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  1. Kieran Culkin also dated Emma Stone, so he is my nemesis, also his brother dated Mila Kunis, so just a whole family of nemesises (nemisi?)

  2. The last thing I want to do with Ryan Gosling’s parts is read.

    • I tried to narrate the Ryan Gosling parts in my head with a Ryan Gosling voice but it just kept coming across sounding like Monty Python’s Voice of God.

      I guess that’s not terribly inaccurate. Thematically speaking, at least.

  3. Poor Nic Cage. He gets to live forever, but his hairline does not. This explains EVERYTHING.

  4. wow. scarlette johannson is dating kieren culkin even though he wets the bed?

  5. Somebody will have to write a book some day about how Scarlett Johansson spent her entire summer with Robert Downey Jr, Chris Helmsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson, and yet ended up dating Kieran Culkin.

    I suppose part of the book could also be about the nude photos but I feel like that would be better as a documentary or a movie or really anything that you could pause.

  6. Coincidentally, Kelly, I caught this comic JUST TODAY (twilight zone) from the always-terrific http://madeleineishere.tumblr.com -

  7. RyGos interview @ the AV Club uh duh…a rare miss Videogum

  8. Nothing from UCB, Celebuzz? U MAD

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