Senior Vaginal Correspondent, Kristen Schaal, offers a woman’s point of view on this heated debate. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann is still a World Class Moron and this whole thing is entirely UNACCEPTABLE.

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  1. Michele Bachmann is a fucking moron. Kristen Schaal is the best. Seriously, Kristen Schaal, you are the best! You are to the best what Michele Bachmann is to the worst.

  2. Michele Bachmann: The two Ns are for a double-dose of fucking nonsense.
    Michele Bachmann: The missing L represents the complete absence of logic

  3. “They’re lady nuts, and I happen to like them.”

    Marry me, Kristen Schaal

  4. What’s really weird about this particular lie (stay with me, people) is the oddball fabrication of a conversation that almost certainly never happened. She talked about meeting a mother after the debate whose daughter somehow became “retarded” after receiving the vaccine. So what we have here is:

    -Bachmann deciding to make up a lie about the vaccine, and then
    -inventing a mother and daughter who are the victims of a side effect she invented

    And I haven’t even heard anyone mention how bizarre it is that she talks about mental retardation as something you can contract in the first place. I guess I have to give her credit, though. When she lies, she lies BIG.

    • It’s just a media tactic, Rachel Maddow has talked abo-ut it before:

      1. Make up a lie.
      2. Report on the lie.
      3. Make up a story about on the reported lie.
      4. Report on the story about your lie to add credit to your original lie.
      5. Profit. Waaaaaaaaay to much profit.

    • I just need to share this, even though it is not really related. I worked at a health clinic during the time that the HPV vaccine came out. While scheduling physicals for 12+ girls, parents would often ask about what vaccines, if any, would be due. Most parents had either heard about the HPV vaccine or were interested in it, but OH MY GOD the way some parents reacted blew my mind. Apparently there was a fear that giving one’s daughter this vaccine would automatically turn her into a sex-crazed sexaholic who needed sexy sexy sex.

      I never knew what to say during these calls, aside from “um” and “would you like to talk to a nurse” and “please stop yelling” and “I don’t think that is how reality works”.

      Of course, the people who think that vaccines are tools of evil were not overly interested to begin with, so I avoided that batshittery*.

      *I am not even going to apologize here for being a jerk.

    • To be fair to Bachmann (I guess?), I actually think that conversation probably DID happen. I don’t think Bachmann is so dumb as to think “no one will find out this is insane” but most likely a Bachmann devotee (who, let’s face it, are not the ripest grapes (what?)), actually did come up to her, convinced that a vaccine of some kind had given her child a disability. Think of how long and easily the autism-vaccine myth has persisted. So Bachmann seized on it, knowing that was were she scored the most points against Perry, and spoke without thinking.

      Still though, she’s insane.

  5. When I got my chicken pox vaccine, I immediately went out and touched every open sore I could find. Gardasil must be stopped!

  6. I’ve been out of the political loop so… What’s all dis then?

  7. yes,

    pro-choice on abortion
    pro-life on vaccines.

    makes perfect sense.

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