Because Hollywood is notorious for taking a great idea and adapting it into an even greater idea, the movie Source Code will now be a TV show, the plot of which sounds pretty much just like Quantum Leap. A truly inspired idea!

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  1. It’s a shame Duncan Jones won’t be involved. He wrote about it on Twitter yesterday: “For those asking, I know not a sausage about the Source Code TV show. First time I heard about it was about 20 minutes ago… on twitter!”

  2. I think the question to ask is When are they developing it? (I definitely did this right.)

  3. Ok, sooooooo….
    ****SPOILER ALERT****
    I thought homie died? Wasn’t the program dead after Jake passed?
    Also, how exciting if they do get the program going again, if only so I can see more half mangled soldiers, COOL (Not Cool at all)

  4. I realize racial tensions are whipped up right now because of the University Of Montreal students but would it be too much to ask if we could get one terrorist in the Source Code TV show that is at least a little swarthy looking?

  5. Not to get too serious about this, because I really don’t care, but doesn’t this completely rub against the crux of the film, that it was unethical to keep using this guy to go into the source code or whatever?

  6. This bodes well for my idea for a tv show based on Contagion, only where instead of trying to deal with the consequences of the virus, it and Kate Winslet’s character are college roomates. The virus is a little messy, Kate Winslet is a neat freak, and hijinks ensue! Lawrence Fishburn would be the dean of students, and Gwyneth Paltrow would be the head of a sorority that Kate Winslet wanted to join. Jennifer Ehle would just be awesome, because she is always awesome.

  7. Scott Bakula voiced Jake Gyllenhall’s dad in Source Code. A none-too subtle nod to the recycled sausage machine that is Hollywood.

  8. Clearly this is going to be a procedural, but the Vantage Point (Roshomon) style that Source Code relies on was already tried on Boomtown, and that show failed miserably. The TV audience has changed a lot – after LOST people are more accepting of flashbacks and altering timelines – but I still don’t see this as being successful.

    Still, look for changes to be:

    Lead is not near death – how can he flirt with the co-ed handler?
    Said handler is now played by an “age-appropriate’ actress, rather than a talented one
    A gruff, aging B-List actor from the early 90s will be in charge of the office
    A quirky “alternative” (read: has hipster glasses and dyed red hair) female tech-wiz that has a recurring role
    Then populate with 30-something white guys + one minority, possibly a female

  9. I think this will be fine as long as Jeffrey Wright can say ‘It is called the Source Code’ in every single episode.

  10. “What the hell is Quantum Leap? I’ve never heard of it and it is nothing like Source Code” – CBS exec.

    “You bastards!!!!!” – Don P. Bellisario

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