This email came last night from a tipster named Tori:

I don’t know if you guys ever watch Law & Order: SVU, but the most amazing thing ever happened on Tuesday’s episode. Basically, the episode is about smuggling exotic animals into the country (seriously, this show has become so, so terrible). The cops are trying to capture a guy who’s smuggling in a rare gibbon (which they are doing so they can make expensive chopsticks out of him, for realz). At the airport, they observe a basketball that is rolling around on its own, which leads them to the realization that the monkey is in the basketball. Which leads to the amazing line “The monkey is in the basketball.” But it doesn’t end there. The fuzz then follows this crafty baskeball smuggler guy to the exotic animal smuggler hideout and swoop in to arrest the smugglers. A bunch of Walker Texas Ranger-style police antics go down, during which time, someone throws the basketball to cap to Captain Kragen…who OPENS THE BASKETBALL AND THE MONKEY COMES OUT AND HUGS HIM.

Yes, yes, yes. Clip after the jump.

That monkey is the specialest victim of all. I think I’m going to have to start watching this show. (Thanks for the tip, Tori!)

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  1. Wow. That was dreadful.

    Post more!


  2. I think to Monkey’s in the Basketball should be the new answer to everything.

  3. I don’t know how much sway the editors of Videogum have with the rest of the internet makers (probably a lot), but if you get the people over at lifehacker to explain how to get a monkey in a basketball then that would be great. Thanks!

  4. I think you are missing the other BEST PART of this episode, in which Big Boi (of outkast!) gets EATEN BY HYENAS and the detective know he was eaten because they discovered that the hyenas vomited up his bling. Hyenas can’t digest metal and hair – fun fact,

    • “What’s Outkast?”
      - Lindsay Robertson

    • abbie  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2008 +1

      And yet, there was no pile of hair in the apartment…I wondered about that.

      Also worth wondering about: if they got the monkey into the country in a basketball, what the hell did they use to smuggle the tiger in?

  5. The screen capture above looks vaguely like Peyton Manning…but then I think better of it and realize, yes, it’s still Christopher Meloni

  6. Tori  |   Posted on Nov 21st, 2008 0

    Yay! Thanks for posting this. I think it is safe to say that SVU’s dignity is hidden safely inside a basketball and lost somewhere in Ice T’s garage.

  7. Also from this episode:
    where Olivia takes her top off and pretends to be a hooker and embraces Elliot, who is undercover. They are coworkers, that is awkward!

  8. Ashley  |   Posted on Nov 21st, 2008 +5

    I kinda wish the guy had been smuggling the monkey in a giant yellow hat.

  9. I bet it’s JUST as cruel to put the monkey in the ball a 100 times to get the shot right as it would be to smuggle him into the country that way.

  10. Liam  |   Posted on Nov 21st, 2008 +1

    Is it weird that when I saw this episode the other day, I thought to myself “this is going to turn up on videogum before the week is out” ???

  11. This is the sort of television I live for. God, how did I miss this?!?!

  12. Jono  |   Posted on Nov 21st, 2008 0

    Poor Dirty Dee having to resort to selling Gibbons. Carcetti obviously isn’t paying him enough.

  13. Tyler   |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2008 +2

    “One million dollars” is so 90s.

  14. Was on the phone with someone and had this on in the background. Had no idea what was going on, but had to stop mid-sentence and ask the person to hold on so I could watch that monkey hug Creaghan. So happy other people know about this; I thought I was hallucinating.

  15. Finally, my two favorite things come together: monkeys and SVU.

  16. This gif is just in time for this post.

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