Back in January, Gabe brought you some important Brad Pitt prank news straight from the set of Moneyball. I’m sure you remember, but to refresh: Brad Pitt had the faces of the members of Wham! painted Jonah Hill’s “on-set golf cart,” which is a thing that clearly needs no further explanation in any article that mentions it, and it was a hilarious laugh riot. But it wasn’t until today that we learned that that prank wasn’t the WHOLE prank story. From the Huffington Post:

Hill witnessed curious things happening to his beloved on-set golf cart, which grew exponentially more ridiculous over time: the golf cart was flipped upside down, then its wheels taken off, then wrapped in giant pink car wrap, then covered in flowers and wrapped in pink car wrap, to being finally rigged to blast “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” at full volume every time the engine was on.

Jonah Hill goes on to describe Brad as “the Bobby Fischer of pranks,” explaining that “he’s playing prank chess all the time; he’s three moves ahead of you.” Which is, to be fair, EXACTLY how it seems. Bobby Fischer’s #1 chess rule always was, “Go hard on the golf cart. Just when they think you’re not going to do yet ANOTHER golf cart prank, that’s when you hit them with another golf cart prank. Except with chess. Stay three moves ahead but make the first and third moves golf cart related, the second should be some sort of diversion.” It’s upsetting, though, that these prank anecdotes were held from the public until this moment. What other hilarious behind-the-scenes tidbits could Brad and the gang be hiding from us, the prank hungry public? Did Brad Pitt replace the on-set golf cart with a miniaturized version of the on-set golf cart? Did Brad Pitt build a whoopie cushion into the seat of the on-set golf cart? Did Brad Pitt call Jonah Hill, and, using a funny voice, tell him that his on-set golf cart has been stolen and he needs to report to craft service to make a statement, only to find Brad Pitt exposing himself at craft services? WHO KNOWS. / cc @wikileaks (Thanks for the tip, Wes.)

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  1. He’s just setting poor Jonah up for the cruelest prank of all: seduction.

  2. Jonah Hill is the Bobby Flay* of superlatives


  3. Why are Gabe and Gabrielle (that’s you, Kelly) so anti-prank? First the Clooney thing and now this.

    Did somebody get pranked too hard as a tween?

    • I’m just sayin’, by the “pranks are the worst logic,” Real Genius had a stupid ending. And of course it did not. It had an awesome, pranktastic ending.

      • Maybe because it’s one thing to stick it to the crusty old professor and it’s another to stick it to Jonah Hill. Though I find that crusty professor much more likeable than Jonah Hill. I really dislike Jonah Hill. I can’t think of a thing he’s been in that hasn’t been worse because of his presence. He’s like the Olivia Munn of cinema.

  4. Brad Pitt hilariously put saline solution in all of Jonah Hill’s food during the film shoot, making the Superbad star constantly need to go vomit after every meal. “It was all Brad!” says Hill, nervously looking around to make sure everyone bought it.

  5. Brad’s cruelest prank on the set was convincing Jonah that if he lost weight he’d be attractive to women.

  6. So, does anyone thing that this sounds like their dream golfcart? No, just me? I mean, I’m just saying, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go remains a great song. It holds up.

  7. Dear Brad, if you are reading this, here is an idea.

    PS: I was searching on the internet for the verb “to booby trap a car so that it explodes”. I am pretty sure I am on some kind of watch list right now.

  8. So Brad Pitt is the Grand Master of vehicular pranks? Then I finally know who gouged out the lock of my 1990 Hyundai Excel in a high school parking lot in Millburn, NJ, and stole my radio twelve years ago. CLOSURE.

  9. I have a hard time imagining any of them flipping over a golf cart or taking the time to actually do any of this. Is it really a prank if you’re a millionaire who pays PA’s to do crap to the other millionaires? Or is it kind of creepy rich people games?

  10. When did we all become too lazy to walk? How big is the freaking movie set that they need a golf cart to get around? Let me answer – not that big. My prank would have been removing the engine from the golf cart and leaving a note taped to the steering wheel that said: “Take a fucking walk from your trailer to the set, lazybones.”

  11. Haha Del Preston! You just got pranked by nhushu! Good one nhushu. You’re the Michelle Bachmann of pranking…

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