The man who tried to rob a 7-11 in a Gumby costume has finally decided he’s getting too old (19) for this life of crime and that he wants to try going straight for a change. One last heist, if you count the failed attempt on the 7-11 in the Gumby costume, and he’s walking away. From Reuters:

A man named Jacob Kiss, 19, told police in San Diego on Tuesday that he is the person who dressed as the green animated character Gumby, entered a California 7-Eleven store this month and had an encounter with the store clerk that investigators later described as an attempted robbery, police said.

Kiss brought the full-body Gumby costume with him to police headquarters when he turned himself in, and was accompanied by an alleged cohort named Jason Giramma, 19, who apparently drove away from the store with Kiss that day, San Diego police spokesman Detective Gary Hassen said. Investigators questioned Kiss and Giramma, took down their statements and confiscated the slanty-headed Gumby costume before releasing the pair, Hassen said. Police plan to give the evidence to the local District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.

Gumby, a green humanoid figure who looks like an elastic stick of gum with limbs, was created in the 1950s by the late Art Clokey and his wife, Ruth.

What a thrilling conclusion to this news story. Literally. That last sentence about Art Clokey creating Gumby with his wife in the 1950s sent chills down my spine. P.S. Hollywood: when you’re ready to make an Ocean’s 11 style heist movie based off of this True Crime, please consider my screenplay, It’s All About The Gumbenjamins, Gumby. (Enjoy it while it lasts, Aaron Sorkin, I am coming for EVERYTHING.)

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  1. I imagine that this little caper will land them in the pokey.

  2. It looks like this case was sealed…

    *puts sunglasses on*

    …with a Kiss.


  3. I like that they pointed out that the Gumby costume has a slanty head. Investigatory journalism, ho!

  4. Meanwhile, Pingu remains at large.

    Consider him armed and adorable.

  5. This guy is probably going to jail. Never turn yourself in and ….

  6. (speaking to Gumby’s girlfriend)
    “It’s all a part of the game.”

  7. meanwhile Brett Ratner grumbles as he now needs to scrap his plans for Tower Heist 2

  8. Ocean’s 6 and up

  9. Not so much breaking news as it is BENDING! Bye.

  10. Turned himself in? Obviously this criminal is still green.

  11. This guy sounds like a real blockhead.

  12. Shut up, Gumby!


  13. The TV networks are to blame, a 19 year old shouldn’t known about Gumby’s crappy show.

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