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It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Get it? Yesterday was when we talked about the series finale of Entourage and that was a show about Boyz becoming II Men. Just kidding. I don’t know WHAT that show was about, but it was not about that. For one thing, it was about Boyz remaining II Boyz. But also I think it was actually just a marketing campaign for Southern California’s second largest Inifnity Pool manufacturer? Hard to say. Although, I will admit that I have kind of been thinking about the finale non-stop. Like, I love how Ari fixed his marriage by promising to be a better father to his children by immediately taking his wife to Italy and…WE FORGOT KEVIN! (Fuller, go easy on the cocaine.) Also, I was actually thinking about an earlier episode this season when E was trying to convince Vinny not to wear a rubber dong filled with clean urine to his court-mandated drug test, and he actually said to him “Everything always works out for us Vince, but this won’t,” which is amazing, because no one on that show ever really acknowledged how everything just fucking always worked out. But then actually at the end of the episode it turns out that Vince wore the fake dong anyway? AND EVERYTHING STILL WORKED OUT! What a good show. A little weird how it ended, but a great great show. Best show of all time. Hang it in a museum.

Caption this photo of Jeremy Piven taking his Emmys for a walk as if they were human babies. Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. OH YEAH! (Photo via BWE.)

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  1. Mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning. High levels of mercury toxicity. Poisoned by mercury. Toxic mercury poisoning mercury. Mercury. The word for the planet closest to the Sun except the other meaning, the element one, and then the poisonous properties of it.

  2. Twist ending: The Emmies were made of mercury-filled sushi the whole time!

  3. Not pictured: Piven’s real hair.

  4. A Baby Pushes Three Metal Baby

  5. They’re adopted.

  6. The mother of all douches.

  7. Jeremy Piven once left a signed dvd of Entourage as a tip at a fancy restaurant, I don’t know how that even relates to this picture but it’s the best story

  8. Vince get me 3 emmys

  9. The most tragic thing to happen in 8 seasons of Entourage.

  10. If he doesn’t buy health insurance for those Emmys, they deserve to die. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. most bald, insecure, obnoxious single men heading into their 50s would just buy an H2 or a convertible. this is what’s called “seizing the moment”

  12. Piven
    (on phone)
    “What am I doing right now? Uh…..mercury poison. Just bad, bad mercury poison…gotta run!”.

  13. This is a clear unexpected misstep from an actor known for his subtlety and dignity!

  14. I’m so excited for seven years from now, when we finally learn what those Emmys’ names are.

  15. Jeremy Piven moves his Emmys like deck chairs on the Titanic.

  16. and he had to buy all that tacky baby shit to push his emmys around. worst person.

  17. [img][/img]
    I just want my kids back.

  18. “They think I’m all douched out? That I can’t out-douche myself?! I’ll show them! I’LL SHOW THEM ALL!”

  19. Ten years later, a woman tells the world how Jeremy Piven saved her from an untimely demise by nearly running her down with his emmy-stroller.

  20. You have to air these out every once and awhile, otherwise you can never get the stink of Rogaine, flop sweat and Rohypnol off them.

  21. I’m doing this as a joke for the Emmys. The joke being I have 3 Emmys!

  22. #humblebrag

  23. little known fact: the 4th one is up his ass.

  24. Jeremy Piven: Giant Fucking Asshole

  25. well, his hairpiece looks nice.

  26. I don’t know why I keep clicking on these Dark Knight Rises spoiler posts.

  27. “No, Jeremy, no. I have spent all friggin’ day with these things. They cry, they spit, they leak. I need some ME time and all I’m asking is for you to take them out for a walk. I didn’t want these things in the first place! You wanted them, but you didn’t have to push them out of your nethers! You know what it looks like down there now? Of course you don’t, it’s not like we’ve even TRIED since bringing them home. I’m tired, I’m sore and my breasts are leaking. Just TAKE THEM. Twenty minutes, that’s all I’m asking.”

    –the shelf

  28. does this mean we can call child services?

  29. Pregnant Piven Pushes Pram Pre-Prize Premiere!

  30. He’s taking them to their playdate with GOOP’s Academy Award.

  31. “the one on my chest is named vince, and the two in the strollers are named ‘the other two’.”

  32. Still preferred to Jeremy Piven bringing three real life baby Pivens into the world.

  33. Register THIS.

  34. “Actor” Jeremy Piven, well known around Hollywood circles for fucking like dog shit, takes his ego for a stroll.

  35. Jeremy Pivin tries hard

  36. Jeremy’s doing a joke! Jeremy’s doing a joke! Everybody quiet cause Jeremy’s doing a joke!

  37. Poor guy must walk his emmys like dogshit.

  38. Counterpoint: Cupid.

  39. Is Gervais liveblogging this?

  40. Despite his Emmys, Joyce Piven won’t cut Jeremy any slack about “when is he going to start his own theater workshop?”

  41. How is Emmy formed?

    • Ooops – meant to say:

      How is Emmy formed? How Piven get Emmy?

      • They need to do way instain turtle> who sell thier tekilas. becuse these tekilas cant frigth back?
        it was on the news this mroing a drama in ar who had johnny her three bannanas . they are taking the three tekila back to paris too lady to rest my pary are with vince and E who lost his slonae ; i am truley sorry for your lots

  42. I Don’t Know How He Does It.

  43. “My Other Emmy Is A Certificate of Proof of Mercury Poisoning” – Jeremy Piven’s Bumper Sticker

  44. “Jeremy and He Plus Three”- coming spring 2012, the story of one lucky ego-maniacal bastard.

  45. there’s gotta be some sort of cash for gold / weimar germany joke in here

  46. At least he’s not treating objects like women.

  47. The fuckin’ wheels are fucked! Arty!

  48. Why is it SO hard to find a good nanny?

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