• Michelle Williams is very pretty as Marilyn Monroe in the newest Vogue. Ladies, don’t you wish you could be blonde for just like a day, if you aren’t blonde already and don’t want to dye your hair blonde at all? LADIES? -Vogue
  • Here’s an interview with Charlie Day that you can read while you’re finishing your late lunch. Great plan. -BuzzFeed
  • Salon has some thoughts about critic and filmmaker Jim Emerson’s video series about the action editing choices made in The Dark Knight. Some people are upset about it. Are you upset about it? I am not upset about it. -Salon
  • Pop-Up Video is coming back to TV next month, of course. So here is a new Brittany Spears pop-up video as a sneak peak. Call me when Say What Video comes back, that’s what I say. And also Say What Karaoke. And also FANatic and also Bands On the Run and also Behind the Music. Call me when every single one of these shows comes back, my phone number is the same as Gabe’s, just call Gabe’s. -TheDailyWhat
  • Film festival volunteers weren’t allowed to look at Madonna, because she was tooooo pretty and it was like on Seinfeld how Jerry didn’t want Elaine to sit in first class because then she could never go back to coach. Or for some other reason. -FilmDrunk
  • Leonardo DiCaprio never paid attention to which of his movies made money and which of them didn’t, apparently. That makes sense. I wouldn’t pay attention to it either, and if someone tried to make me I would only make sounds at them until they stopped . -Celebuzz
  • Our favorite musician, St. Vincent, is going to be recording some old-timey songs for the next season ofBoardwalk Empire! Aren’t we excited?! -THR
  • Abigale Breslin is going to star in a teen sex comedy, GROSS GROSS GROSS. -ONTD
  • Jenga dog is very good at balancing treats on his nose. There is nothing else I can tell you about this video it is exactly what I said! Stop reading this one now. -Dlisted
  • Similarly to Michelle Williams, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried are ALSO looking good in their magazine photo shoot, for W. -Just Jared
  • Movieline asks if it’s time for a Kurt Cobain biopic. I say NOOOOOOO, unless I can be a consultant on it. Do you know he got his first guitar from his uncle? -Movieline
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  1. I thought Cobain got his first guitar from the money he got selling his stepfather’s guns, which he retrieved from the lake after his mother threw them in there in a fit of anger when she found out that he had cheated on her?
    Why yes, I was a teenager in the early 90s, why do you ask?

  2. No Cobain biopic will be better than Last Days. So let’s just leave it alone, people!

  3. Kelly, maybe this guy can help you bring back Say What Karaoke. I heard he has a lot of money.

    • I actually have this episode of Say What Karaoke on tape somewhere. Julie from the Real World New Orleans is on it too, and I think Mandy Moore was a judge?

  4. Let’s cast that biopic
    Elle Fanning is Courtney Love
    Justin Bieber is Kurt Cobain
    Birdie is Kurt Cobain’s dog
    Dave Grohl is Dave Grohl, he still looks the same! Handsome ageless dude he is

  5. FUN FACT: In high school, I did a speech on Kurt Cobain because I WAS THAT COOL! Too cool for school, if you will.

    • Did you want to hit it? What kind of question is that, DUH

      • There’s something a little weird about wanting to “hit” dead people. I had the biggest crush on River Phoenix once I saw Stand By Me at age 12. I would do an AOL search him, print out miniscule pictures of him and add them to my collage of hotties (which also included a whole lotta Matt Damon). I don’t think I realized how unappealing the fact that he died of a heroin OD in front of a LA club was at the time.

    • When I was in school I had to give a speech for speech class and I forgot so I just did a speech about Kurt Cobain off the top of my head. And it had lots of facts in it. Great job to us both.

  6. I was on an episode of Say What Video with Matt Pinfield! It was at the Jersey Shore! I talked about Green Day! #notsohumblebrag

  7. Jon Huntsman for President and star of Kurt Cobain biopic!

  8. by the way, behind the music is back. they aired an ep about adam lambert last month. your welcome.

  9. The Salon link goes to an article about how Harry Potter and Spiderman are Hollywood’s response to 9/11 which I read and found very interesting but I believe that this is meant to be the link in question:


  10. Is there any chance, whatsoever, that people will reach a consensus on an actress doing a good job portraying Marilyn Monroe? Because she’s not a person anymore, she’s a poster in a dorm room and a million drag queens and drunk Halloween guests. Even if you’ve seen all her movies, or ‘behind the scenes,’ most people don’t know how she acted or even what she sounded like ‘for real.’

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