Crack open an ice cold Smart Water and watch the leaves change color. In your private garden. Which is your vagina? Happy Idris Elba day, everyone! (Via TheAwl.)

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  1. the bloke was Stringer Bell. lifetime pass. #swallowshard

  2. Idris Elba’s name never met a vowel it didn’t like. Well except for “O”… and “U”… and sometimes “Y.”

    Actually! Idris Elba’s name, you are actually pretty narrow-minded about vowels. Shame on you, Idris Elba’s name.

  3. So his new series isn’t the first time he tried out being Luther?

  4. Needs more Stringer Bell!

  5. He does it subtlety but a dick grab is still a dick grab.

  6. I need you guys to tell me if at some point in this he takes off more of his clothes, or puts on tighter pants, so I can skip to there.

  7. Unless you are in a motorcycle gang, denim vests are unacceptable. No excuses.

  8. By all means, go out and buy Idris Elba’s new album. But please, do yourself a favor and start with Track 4.

  9. The leaves in my private garden have been changing colour for years now.

    Just For Men does NOTHING!

  10. It always makes me uncomfortable when my boyfriend, Idris Elba, sings to other women in his videos and then delicately writes on their naked bodies, including the inner thigh, using brightly colored paint, but I know that deep down he loves only me. It’s called trust.

  11. I like nicely manicured private gardens. I hate when someone’s private garden is overgrown.

  12. Big Daddy Kane’s still got it

  13. At first I couldn’t imagine the man who has played Stringer Bell / Luther being “gentle” with any woman, but then I remembered this:

    THE ZIPPER! So gentle.

  14. Bangs is going to be pissed.

  15. “I rest my case.” – Autotune

  16. He just “rain made” me in my pants.

  17. I love you with all my heart, Idris Elba, but this song is a forty degree day.

  18. Oh no. I didn’t think it possible for something to make me NOT have a crush on Idris Elba… but…. I’m conflicted now.

  19. I’m not gonna lie… It’s not so hard to listen to this song. It’s certainly better than pretty much all of the other summer jams but not better enough to be considered “good”.

  20. I’m gonna need someone to give me a rundown of this video.

  21. this. track. BANGS.

    (not to be confused with my favorite performing artist BANGS.)

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