While at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend giving a talk about his new art installation called “Memories of Idaho” (which is a multi-part tribute to Gus Van Sant’s 1991 film My Own Private Idaho, and I refuse to look into it any further), James Franco noticed a 13-year-old girl in the audience holding a few pieces of James Franco fan art. Because James Franco is a known art enthusiast/artist/James Franco fan/scholar, he noticed them right away. From CTV:

At first, it seemed like Franco was joking when he pointed at Macy Armstrong’s art and announced that he wanted to buy her work. But after a few in the crowd giggled, Franco insisted, telling Armstrong: “I saw that one on the Internet, someone sent it to me. I wanna buy those.”

Any buy those he did. Macy, who also runs a James Franco tumblr, posted images of two out of the three pieces James bought and they’re NOT TOO BAD! Also she is very excited and says “I’m pretty sure we mentally got married!” which is adorable, but also, Macy, maybe you don’t want to get married to James Franco? Just speaking girl-to-girl, James Franco has displayed some behavior in the past that maybe gives a hint that would be not the best husband to have. Like remember when he was on that soap opera? Did you watch when he hosted the Oscars? And he keeps getting all these different degrees? (And did you see the thing about the invisible art?) You are clearly a very talented young woman, I’m just saying that maybe you should date around before you mentally tie yourself down to James Franco.

In any case, I’m not sure how much James Franco paid Macy for her artwork and I’m not going to look for it because that is TACKY, but I assume it is in the upper $100,000,000s so just in case he is reading and would like some more fan art for his collection here are a few photos of my pieces.

“You see James Franco. At first you think he is in a movie, but then you realize that you are either also in the movie or that he is not in a movie at all; he is just in real life. What is that smell? Freshly cut grass? You can’t place it but it looks like it smells somewhat like freshly cut grass. Everything is purpley. There is a bong in the corner and it is very, very large. Scripts and diplomas litter the floor. You are making out with James Franco.”

The third one was invisible art. (Via Vulture.)

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  1. I think James Franco has just devoted his life to being the fundamental counterpoint to the Catch Me If You Can guy. “Don’t worry, I literally AM a pilot.”

  2. If Bravo does a second season of Top Artist or whatever it’s called, James Franco should be the host.

  3. Also, how awesome for that little girl. She loves Franco so much that she has a fan site for him, and he buys her art. Good for her. No sarcasmo.

  4. In other news, it was revealed today that the stolen painting central to the Ryan Gosling Street Hero Fight Bust-Up was Kelly’s James Franco fan art.

  5. James Franco is very good at being a famous person. He just gets it, you guys.

  6. i’m disappointed this post isn’t about Ryan Reynolds.

  7. I think we’ve found an in for thisismynightmare.

  8. Kelly’s art is goin’ right up on the fridge.

  9. I’m so confused about all his writing programs. Do you think he just submits the same story to different schools or does he come up with different stories for each of the 4,000 writing programs he attends? There has to be some crossover. Writing isn’t easy and I’d like to think that he’s not taking on degrees as a post-modern commentary on celebrity and buying education… but if he did he kind of succeeded.

    But how many MFA degrees does someone need? Couldn’t he sponsor someone at a school instead? Then he can add philanthropist James Franco to the mix. I’d like an MFA degree but I don’t think I can afford it. Maybe I should make James Franco art, sell it to him and use that money to enroll at a school.

    I need a nap.

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