Pretty sure this finally gives us the numbers we need to vote Danny Glover off the island. #SWAG

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  1. He’s too old for that shit.

  2. At last, a shoe that lets me know what it would feel like to be barefoot.

  3. More like Donald Sneaker, right?

    Because his last name is Glover… But he wasn’t wearing, gloves, but hilariously ugly sneakers… So it’s a play on his last name…


  4. Whenever I see someone wearing those toe shoes out in the wild, I have to suppress an intense urge to stomp on their feet. I haven’t felt a desire like that since the time in 2nd grade when the kid who sat in front of me grew a rat-tail, and when he was busy focusing on his schoolwork I cut it off with safety scissors.

    • Ugh I saw a pair of dudes wearing these at a nicer restaurant last week. They were business casual otherwise and they kept sticking their feet way out from under the table as if to tell the whole restaurant “We found the more expensive, weirder-looking replacement for our Crocs and you just have to deal with it.”

  5. You get an upvote purely for the tumbleweed gif. I fucking love tumbleweeds.

  6. I think old people get a pass. If I live to be his age (125?), I’ll wear buckets for shoes and I better never hear a word about it!!!!

  7. I have a pair of these, but I only wear them in athletic scenarios, like going to get the mail.

  8. Guys, cut DG some slack. He’s following orders from a fucking angel, and that angel told him that those regular old boring shoes were getting in the way of the angel magic. So they had to go.

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