Congratulations to thisismynightmare, whose comment on last week’s Regis Philbin retirement plans thread was included on this week’s New York Magazine Approval Matrix. Lowbrow/Brilliant, obviously. Congratulations thisismynightmare, you earned it!

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  1. Nice work, nightmare! Your success embiggens the least among us Monsters.

  2. OMG, I talked to nightmare in chat on FRIDAY. HUGE! Congrats!

  3. Congrats, oh nightmare my nightmare!

  4. We stand on the shoulders of giants’ Internet notoriety. Today, this is, indeed, all of our nightmares.

  5. “What a bright, clever young woman.”

    -Ryan Gosling, reading The New York Magazine.

  6. You know, Gabe. I’ve put a solid year of my life commenting on this site. Never a editor’s choice. Never a card on my birthday. And now you ignore my tiny triumph, located in the same Matrix.

  7. This makes up for all those .gifs that got left out of Monster’s Ball.


  9. Does this trump the EGOT or just bring it to a new level?

  10. We’ve gone airborne. Soon the world will be videogum!

  11. A round of upvotes for everyone!

  12. Thisismynightmare?! I KNOW HER! Well, we’re friends on twitter…

  13. No attaboy for my “First!’ landing on EW’s bulls-eye?

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