A thing that celebrities seem to do a lot is talk about what other celebrities people mistake them for “on the street.” This always seems kind of weird to me because who would EVER go up to a person they recognize as a celebrity and just guess at their identity? That seems crazy. “Can I get a picture with you, uummmmm, errr, ahhh, Parker Posey?” “Yes, but I’m Rachel Weisz.” “Oooohh, I was really hoping for Parker Posey.” I guess it’s not too hard to believe because maybe it is difficult sometimes to realize that celebrities are also humans and the boundary is kind of blurred since we can all see what they’re doing all day on Twitter and whatever, etc., but I still have trouble actually imagining it happening “IRL.” So it always seems kind of disingenuous to me when celebrities talk about this. Like it’s the easiest way to seem humble when you’re on the Tonight Show, to say you often get mistaken for another beautiful celebrity. Ryan Gosling tends to do this in interviews a bunch, with Ryan Reynolds. Like in this interview with E!:

They’re disappointed when I’m not Ryan Reynolds, “Oh can I get my picture with you?” And you’re like, sure, and they’re like, “I thought you were more muscley.” No. “Have you gotten, like, more unattractive for a role?” No. Just the role of my life.

Haha, aww. This is adorable, obviously, but also: GIVE ME A BREAK, RYAN GOSLING! While I certainly am able to believe that Amy Sedaris is sometimes confused with Amy Poehler, because they both have the same name and are blonde and in comedy things and are each not as famous as Ryan Gosling, I refuse to believe that, first of all, SO many people confuse Ryan Gosling for Ryan Reynolds because they are named Ryan and are in movies — enough to justify the amount he brings it up on every late night talk show, and second of all, that anyone would ask if he were more muscley or more unattractive than usual. GMAB. These are two very different actors and also I can’t live in a world where a person would would approach a stranger and say such embarrassing things. So. ”We get it, Ryan Gosling, you’re humble and adorable and we’re all in love.” In honor of how this cannot be true, here are some other things that aren’t true presented with fake quotes.

  • “People always mistake me for Jim Carrey. They come up to me and say things like ‘Smooookin’!’ and I just have to say, you know, you got the wrong guy.” – Drew Carey
  • “People always mistake me for Jim Morrison. They’re always like, “Come on, can you give us a little ‘Light My Fire?’ I just have to laugh.” – Jim Carrey
  • “People always mistake me for Jessica Biel. It makes sense, kind of, because of how we’re both beautiful young actresses who haven’t really had any defining roles and also, you know, just with how Hollywood is it kind of can seem like we’re all interchangeable sometimes, which is something that really bothers me, but it’s like, you know, we don’t really look the same so I don’t get it.” – Jessica Alba
  • “People always mistake me for Ben Affleck. Haha, it’s flattering. I’m not sure if he gets the same thing but it’s flattering.” – Ben Stiller
  • “Something I get all the time is Kate Gosselin. People will say things like, ‘Hey, how are the kids doing?’ And I don’t know how to respond…Then I realize, Oh, they think I’m Kate Gosselin.” – Kate Winslet
  • “People always mistake me for Taylor Momsen. I didn’t know who that was so I looked her up and she seems really nice! It’s just a really nice thing, I hope she feels the same way.” -Taylor Swift
  • “People always confuse me for Michael Jordan, it’s so weird. Ha-ha, no. No, that was just a joke.” – Michael Cera
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  1. Where does this fall on the thisismynightmare approval matrix?

  2. “People always confuse me for Ashley Olson. At least, they do, right up until I cut them.” – Mary-Kate Olson (aka the crazy Olson. You don’t mess with the crazy Olson if you want to live to tell the tale. I heard tell she shot a man in Reno just to watch him die).

  3. Have you guys heard of my new band, Blake Lively Panties Action?

  4. I love this site, with its music reviews, occasional free mp3s, and meanspirited, hollow snark directed at struggling musicians.

  5. This picture wierds me out. Sidenote: I never noticed how tall Ryan Reynolds’ hair is before.

  6. “People always confuse me for Michael Cera, including my own mother.” -Jesse Eisenberg

  7. As a gay man, I mistake them all the time. Not by body but by name. I find them equally hot and objectify them equally. Gosling is a slightly better actor, but when I think about them I don’t really think about their acting. There aren’t a ton of Ryans out there so I totally buy this.

  8. “People always confuse me for Gabe.” -Kelly

  9. Kelly never gets confused with anyone else–especially, not on this site

  10. “People always mistake me for a comedian.” -Jeff Dunham

  11. “People always mistake me for Gabe.” — Kelly.

  12. Taylor Swift does remind of the time Taylor Momsen was dressed up like a Who from Whoville in the movie. Because of TSwift’s whole rat-nose thing.

    (Grinch references for two posts in a row…)

  13. Ryan, I would never confuse you for Ryan Reynolds. In fact, I would be like, “You look so much more attractive with every passing day…Your movies are a million times better than Mr. Reynolds’ movies…Oh, your muscles are so nice, can I touch your abs?…Hey Gos, lets get out of here and get a drink, and then we can attend the pants party, if you know what I mean! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?! You know.”

  14. “People always confuse me for Bald Matt Damon” Bald Jake Gyllenhaal

  15. “People always say I remind them of the Sklar brothers.” – R2D2, Esq.

  16. when I was young I looked like the kid from the first Jurassic Park movie. We look different now though.

  17. “People always confuse me for a delicious sandwich of eggs, Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce served on an English muffin.” -Benedict Cumberbatch

  18. “People always confuse me for Dane Cook. Probably because I’m kind of big and dumb and all I do is produce shit.” — A Great Dane

  19. “People confuse me for a bird.” -Birdie

  20. unlike Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, all these jokes kinda DO look the same…

  21. “People always confuse my comical love letters for desperate, unnecessary attempts to say relevant”-http://i51.tinypic.com/2usiyq8.gif

  22. Okay the Jim Carrey/Jim Morrison joke made me think of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhtIydTmOVU#t=30 which is nevertheless totally off topic and should clearly have gone in the comment section of the post about him stalking Emma Stone. But, MAN, did anybody else see that movie??

    • I paid (my dad paid) 3 bucks to play that on The Box back in the 90s. That and “Cuban Pete” was available for some reason. Oh man, the 90s were great you paid 3 dollars for a music video and 18 for a CD. Also we tied onions on our belts, as that was the style at the time.

  23. “People always mistake me for Taylor Momson*” – Tinker FathersDotter

    *(let’s just pretend her name is spelled “Momson”, not “Momsen”, for me,.. for this joke…for all of us.)

  24. IRL in my teens people would TELL ME I was Kelly Osbourne. People tried to take “sly” pictures of me too. (I do not look like Kelly Osbourne.)

  25. Seriously? Another thing that Ryan Gosling and I have in common??

  26. I have a trick. Ryan Reynolds was in 15 or 16 or whatever that Nick soap was back in 1991 or so. Ryan Gosling was in the Mickey Mouse club.

    Anything else is irrelevant.

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