• It’s Adam Sandler’s 45th birthday today! HOORAY! Happy Birthday to him. Movieline would like to know what you think his finest onscreen moment is. I don’t know why they bother asking when everyone knows it is the whole movie Click, all of it. -Movieline
  • By now I’m sure you’ve heard that the Back to the Future sneakers are limited edition and being auctioned off for Michael J. Fox’s charity. (“No comment.”) But do you hear how much the first pair went for? “GREAT SCOTT!” ahahahaha. -FilmDrunk
  • Charlie Day was on Conan last night. That guy is the best! -Splitsider
  • Are you watching Mike O’Brien’s “Seven Minutes in Heaven” webseries? It’s good! You should be! The newest episode is particularly “LOL,” featuring Tracey Morgan. -Hulu
  • There’s a new Twilight poser!!!!!!!! Guyyyyysssssssss!!!! -Celebuzz
  • Jim Carrey has some weird stuff going on with spray painting something? I don’t know, guys. His gross factor increased by 200% for me since the Emma Stone vid so I can’t really think about this story too much. -TheSuperficial
  • Here is a video of a bird trying to go down the up escalator. You came to the internet, I have no idea what else you were expecting. -TheDailyWhat
  • Mel Gibson is making a movie about a Jewish thing so everyone will get upset or something. -Dlisted
  • Fashion’s Night Out was last night and all the blogs are pretty much exclusively posting photo galleries from it. So here is one of them. Leighton Meester. Our fave gal. She looks great. -Just Jared
  • Remember when Kate Winslet was a hero for rescuing Richard Branson’s mom? Now she is a hero for inclusive sex education. That woman just won’t STOP being a hero, not for one second. -Salon
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  1. For the price of those shoes you can buy 1,000 copies of the Back to the Future trilogy on DVD, I would not recommend doing so but theoretically you could

  2. Pro tip: Watch the bird video on mute. #yourewelcome

  3. Shampoo is better it goes on first and cleans the hair. Stop looking at me swan.
    So hot want to touch the hiney ahooo.
    Hey there sideburns you want summa this milk?
    He called the shit poop!
    I’m the smartest man alive!
    No I will not MAKE OUT with you!
    Jack Nicholson now or 1974?
    Chlorophyll more like Borophyl

    – Adam Sandler’s finest on screen moments

  4. Right NOW those shoes are being auctioned off to keep Michael J Fox from having to walk around on the ceiling, sure. But in 2015, they’ll be available in every corner drugstore!

  5. Frisbee is a good answer to what inanimate object would you want to eat.

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