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I realise this GIF is technically from last week, and some might even say its time in the Internet Sun has passed, but I just don’t care about either of those things. We haven’t spent NEARLY enough time with this video or this grainy GIF of it, if you ask me. It’s rare that a video and a GIF as good as this video and GIF come along and you have to stop and smell them sometimes. Know what I’m saying? Yes. After the jump we’ve got a bunch more GIFs for you to stop and smell from this short week, so let’s get started. WOOOOOOOOO GIFS!

There was a new True Blood, and there’s only one more left this season!

There was a new Breaking Bad!

We learned how to dress punk!

There was a new Katherine Chloe Cahoon video!

There was an adult sandbox that was stupid!

There is going to be a Beetlejuice 2!

Regis Philbin announced when he was retiring from Live!

We found out that Madonna loathes hydrangeas!

And, finally, it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s 30th birthday!

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  1. Hey guys Futurama is done for the season now so I need to find something else to post gifs of , probably Whitney. JK never Whitney, that is not a real show.

  2. And now the long 45 minute wait for Monster’s Ball, after which I can go home.

  3. Kelly, what exactly is young JTT doing in that third gif? That is some suspicious bouncing.

  4. These videos GIF as good as they get.

  5. The GIF of Madonna from the “Vogue” video looks like she’s saying “Blow me.”

    (Actually, it looks more like she’s saying “Below him,” but that’s not as good.)

  6. Third World Blues:

    This page used up my broadband bandwidth.

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