Classic. And also perfect. (Thanks for the tip, Frank Lloyd Wrong and Greg.)

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  1. This is a sequel to the Mr. Show sketch The Story of Everest

  2. This is a scripted video, right? No children harmed? I just want to know how guilty to feel after laughing so hard.

  3. The video title roughly translates to “German Military History Since 1850: An Allegory.”

  4. It has to be scripted because of how many times I replayed it from the impact moment and laughed until I was crying. I wouldn’t laugh like that if he got hurt, right? …Right?

  5. The lesson here: Never skip the “secure to a wall” step when you assemble your Ikea furniture.

  6. That’s what you get for being a blond!

  7. “wow, great take Michel, how do you want to handle the next one? Michel? Michel?…oh boy”
    -Sven (rough translation)

  8. Someone call 911! Michel has been smashed by entertainment!

  9. Great twist ending! I hope that kid didn’t die.

  10. “Hello, Hollywood? Have I got a story for you!” – M. Night Shamalama

  11. Jesus christo is that kid ok? Someone please tell me he’s Ok right?

  12. Oh fuck!

    (what twilly said out loud in her office)

  13. Let’s assume the child is ok because I doubt whoever liked these kids enough to film this would not have posted the footage (or let it get in someone else’s possession) if the child was seriously hurt. Thiat is the story I’m choosing to believe.

  14. He’s okay. I got this from the Google translation of their page:

    Do you believe everything
    that you see on the net?
    After attending the GOP vaudeville shows no psychological or physical harm of our guests have become known. Michel & Sven enjoying perfect health! And Mrs. Boeckel – Mother of the campaign – is an enthusiastic GOP supporter.

    I’m going to assume GOP means something different in Germany.

  15. looking at it again, it’s got to be a fake. the kid covers his balls before everything falls on him.

  16. ‘Tischdeckentrick’ is now the name of my new Krautrock band.

  17. And the flowers are still standing!

  18. LÖL

  19. ‘Hallo I’m Svenn
    and velcome to Yackass.
    Bork bork bork.’

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