First, I’d like to announce the winner of last week’s Community: The Complete Second Season giveaway:

Jeff Woodcroft!

Yaaaaay! Congratulations, Jeff. I hope you can gather together with your whole COMMUNITY and enjoy these COMMUNITY DVDS! With them! The whole community! Great job.

This week you’ll have the chance to win an “Inspired by Sookie” True Blood outfit set, with an apron and a t-shirt! You can wear it either as normal clothes OR as a Halloween costume, my gosh, what a great giveaway prize. We’ve had a True Blood giveaway once in the past, but because the final episode is airing this Sunday THANK GOODNESS, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate a bit with another one. You agree!

In order to win:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Login to Videogum with your Facebook account.
  3. Comment with a vampire dinner you’d serve your vampire sweetheart while wearing this apron from this vampire TV show!

Always very, very good giveaway questions. Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Facebook account by Thursday, September 15th, 6PM EST. You can still play along if you just want to comment with your Videogum commenter account, but you can’t win! Only with your Facebook. I’m sorry. Also, only submit once! And then a winner will be chosen at random. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!

Comments (30)
  1. A simmered type O blood soup, with a blood shake presented in a real human heart!

  2. Steak and Garlic Bread. Get it. Because I hate my vampire sweetheart.

  3. Triple Whoppers. Like a whole platter of ‘em.

  4. I’ve been waiting for a good prize to use my “like” on Facebook, and that day has come.

    Also: all of Sookie’s fairy blood so the show will end! (I like True Blood, but it’s all just ridic now.)

  5. I haven’t watched that much True Blood, but it was my impression that a clothing set inspired by Sookie would just be a box with a piece of paper inside that says, “NOTHING.”

  6. So Jeff, I’m going to come over to your house and watch all the bloopers? I’ll bring snacks.

  7. The only meal I’d serve a vampire is a steak. Through the heart! And I’M to blame!
    I give love a bad name.

  8. Forget dinner. I’d serve my sweetheart breakfast in DEAD.

  9. If I wanted to dress like a waitress, I’d be a waitress. Then at least I’d get paid.

  10. Blood pudding, right you guys?

  11. OBVIOUSLY for vampire dinner with my sweetie I would serve up my dignity, self respect and suspension of disbelief. YUM.

  12. Oh man, the self-righteous, false-virginal attitude and booty shorts are not included?

  13. i would serve blood, since they only drink blood. do i win now? please??

  14. Psh Sookie doesn’t even work at Merlotte’s no mo.

    I would serve fresh carbonated blood, warm blood bisque with rose petals, & blood gelato.
    (Talbot knows what’s up.)

  15. Since when does Sookie work at Merlotte’s?

  16. Blood sausage with bloody sauerkraut, with a blood-orange mimosa on the side, while we listen to No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” sung by the Count from Sesame Street.

  17. I’d serve my boss. BAZIIIIIIIING.

  18. – I hear this guy’s earned some vampire enemies.

  19. The last guy. Ugh.

  20. oh man, i seriously want to win this but…i *can’t…handle…the pressure*…eep!

  21. I’m making svartsoppa (black soup) and blodplattar (blood pancakes) for my Swedish Sweetheart!

  22. just the goat blood knife, that’s it. and there’s no seconds

  23. Blood Berry Flapjacks

  24. My own neck, served with a side of suspension of disbelief.

  25. A freshly killed, extremely rare, bloody red steak with a wooden steak sticking out of it, covered in microwaved type O true blood.

  26. Tru:Blood, natch! Type A, freshly nuked from my microwave.

  27. Tara’s severed head, with Redhots for eyes. A True Blood take on a St. Olafian dish.

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