“Will and I are having a lot of problems. Will Arnett and I are getting a divorce. Yeah, I just had my second child.” – What Amy Sedaris Tells People When They Think She’s Amy Poehler

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  1. Whenever someone tells me I look like the Sklar brothers, I wish I had a twin so I could do a Sklar brothers routine.*

    *this comment only works if you know what I look like and who the Sklar brothers are. So, I guess about 6 of you might enjoy it.

  2. I want to have 2 kids with Amy Sedaris, or more or less depending on what she wants

  3. When a cashier at the Piggly Wiggly told me I look like Amber from Teen Mom, I almost punched her. I do not look like this:

    In fact, not even close.
    What ugly “celebrity” do people think YOU look like?!

  4. “Will Arnett and I got married during a series of escalating dares.”

    • And when I find our her name, I’ll make a pun of that name. And that’s what I’ll call her. Bad example, if her name is Amy, I’ll call her “Blamey”

  5. Now to track down this “armano” fella….

  6. I have awork jacket that I like to wear in the fall/spring. Unfortunately,with the jacket combined with my glasses and hair I tend resemble a certain TV pitchman.

    Behold the form of my destructor!

  7. This is a great quote to read while slipping into a pair of weekenders.

  8. It would be even funnier if she says these things to people while making the face she used to do on Strangers With Candy.

  9. One time someone told me that I look like Julianne Moore and I was so happy that I nearly married him. I didn’t, though, because he was a homeless bum.


  10. Was I alone in giving a cry of dismay before seeing that Amy Sedaris was talking?

  11. i get michael cera a lot i assume because im lanky and have no chin

  12. Amy Sedaris should marry Ty Burrell.Because he looks lust like Will Arnett.For a long time I thought they were the same guy.Maybe its just me though.

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