The 9/11 anniversary tributes are kind of exhausting! It’s obviously an important and meaningful thing to a lot of people, but there’s something about the way in which everyone has to have their take on it that actually seems, at least to me, to be having the opposite of the intended effect. This week on a very special episode of Pawn Stars. I genuinely do hope that all of these tributes do make someone feel better, or whatever it is they’re supposed to feel. Better is probably the wrong word. It’s a horrible thing. But you know what I mean: whatever the point of them is, I hope they do that for someone. That would be great. Don’t worry about me. I will get over it, I promise. I just wish that if everyone’s 9/11 anniversary tributes could be as quietly understated and emotionally resonant as the three short animations that StoryCorps has released to commemorate the event (as part of a larger and more ambitious project to collect at least one story for every person who lost their lives in the attack). They really are good, and you can watch all three after the jump:

She Was the One

Always a Family

John and Joe

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  1. off-topic: Hey monsters, let’s revive Friday chats, shall we?

  2. I heard some of these on NPR yesterday morning and they definitely made me cry on my way to work. Now I will watch these, cry some more, and then maybe go to chat.

  3. I can’t watch any of the specials that have been on TV. I just can’t. And then when I turn the channel I feel bad.

  4. I don’t really understand these sorts of specials. If I lost someone on 9/11, I don’t think I would want to “tell my story” for all the world to hear. It’s like when people ask you about how your grandma died. Look, I loved them, and it was sad and now she’s gone. Telling you about it will not help me feel closure, and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop rubbernecking already. Fly the flag at half mast, but there’s no need to put every sobbing widow on the evening news.

    • I think these stories remind us of the human cost of these national events. Since these stories are tied to the such a national tragedy, I think they are worth hearing and worth publicizing if the people telling the stories are willing to share.

      • True, I guess I can just never shake the thought that these people’s personal tragedies are being exploited to feed the 24 hour news cycle, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If they’re sharing the stories of their own accord, that’s different. These shorts seem very tasteful and heartfelt. I was commenting more on the news coverage happening around the 9/11 anniversary coming up.

        • i think other types of specials and cable news things may be exploitive. just like many news articles asking “what does it all mean?” and going off on the problems with the war on terror.

          these simple stories do exactly what GSAtW has said, remind us that it is about people. and these people should be remembered as who they were to the people who loved them.

  5. There appears to be a lot of dust on my computer screen. Pardon me while I walk over here where I’m definitely not going to cry like an infant.

  6. these are beautiful. forget all the grand tributes and specials. let’s just have these.

  7. Oh, crying at work. Definitely my favorite past time. (Crying at work is definitely not my favorite past time.) But in all seriousness wow these are great.

  8. This is me right now.

  9. Goddammit. I was trying to be cynical this year. Now I’m crying.

  10. “I will do enough good to make it up there.” Something. In. My eyes.

  11. Can it pleasepleaseplease be September 12 already?

  12. i’m literally blubbering.

  13. Excellent work, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from StoryCorps.

    I love that they use Frederick “Alina’s Place” as well, very nice touch.

  14. Ren and Stimpy has become really depressing, you guys.

  15. Made it 21 seconds into the first one. I’m going to have to come back to these because they seem really important, but my MIL won’t appreciate me crying at the table while she tries to enjoy Ellen reruns.

  16. I’m a sobbing mess, what more can I say

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