Shire Mountain Entertainment is proud to announce the 2012 theatrical film release of “A House Divided” a new romantic “dramady” written, directed and starring Celebrity Chef Phenomenon Emeril Lagasse. The film which centers around a family (The Bensons) going through a rough patch after losing a teenage son in a “random act of violence.” The film touches on issues as diverse as infidelity, abortion, religion, art and unemployment, all through the lens of wry humor and real heart. ”A House Divided” also stars Cheryl Hines, Marc Maron and Timothy Hutton.

For some, the name Emeril Lagasse immediately congers up the image of “gourmet southern cuisine” along with his signature catch phrases and influence in the cooking community. But soon, the name Emeril Lagasse will be regarded as a new cinematic force to be reckoned with. Says Lagasse “I’ve always loved film and the art of storytelling. I’ve had the idea for the script for several years but things [several hit Food Network TV shows, his own franchise of upscale restaurants, a line of gourmet food items to name a few] kept getting in my way.”

More of this press release which is great and real after the jump:

“I signed on because I said ‘F**K, at least I know the catering will be good!” riffed Marc Maron, another newbie to the big screen. “I guess Emeril had been a fan of my podcast and wanted some of that energy on set. I got to improvise, I got to play around and build the character pretty much from the ground up.” In the film Maron plays Legasse’s forever tortured and neurotic best friend and business partner.

As a directror he [Legasse] was great. And no he never asked me to “kick it up a notch.” quipped Sheryl Hines, star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm, no stranger to playing the better half. Hines typically known for comedic work relished the opportunity to take on a more serious subject matter. “I think people are going to be surprised by this one. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Filming of “A House Divided” took place last May in Baton Rouge, LA as well as Culver City, CA. The film is rated R by the MPAA for crude language, graphic sex and violence.

Sounds great! Can’t wait to see it for real because it’s real and I am going to! (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)

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  1. #BamMovies

  2. This is the best “You Can Make it Up” yet!

  3. how horrible is it that the broken glass is over the DEAD KID’S FACE!!!

  4. So, what we’ve learned here is that Emeril has compromising photos of Cheryl Hines, Timothy Hutton, and Marc Maron.

  5. joe rogan AND marlon waynes AND brian doyle murray as “old cappy”? why has this not already won an academy award?

  6. “For some, the name Emeril Lagasse immediately congers up the image … ”

    This is just a very well-proofread press release about eels.

  7. Cheryl Hines must hate Laurie David. Only in 2 episodes of Curb this season and then she has to go be in this piece of shit.

  8. I’m scared by that Food Network logo you guys. Does that mean they are getting into the movie business? (and starting off wth an R-Rated romantic dramedy no less?!?)

    If so, my pitch for their next movie is Gordon Ramsey in a Snatch/Lock,Stock type flick.

  9. I wish they would just say “rated R for sex.” The phrase “graphic sex” makes me picture a very ugly and poorly lit subspecies of sex featuring graph paper, x-acto knives, screaming, and mud (or possible it’s poo; I turn my imagination off too quickly to be sure).

  10. The apes look pretty realistic in this one.

  11. “I’ve had the idea for the script for several years but things kept getting in my way,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to start my film career on the back of a dead teenage boy. I mean that figuratively, not literally. I hope that was clear. Was that clear? Can we edit that out and talk about my food shows instead?”

  12. This is a perfect movie for 2012! Civilization is going to end on a real high note.

  13. What I find bizarre (Oh, what do you, personally, find bizarre about this, Gnorm?) is that, not only is it written by, directed by, and starring Emeril LaGasse, (he’s just like Orson Welles!) but it is apparently produced by the Food Network?

    It’s one thing if a man who cooks decides to make a movie.
    It’s another thing altogether when the FOOD NETWORK decides to make a comedy about abortion, religion and art.

    This is like if the Cartoon Network decided to make a movie about Uganda.

  14. A house divided cannot stand. It needs to take a load off because seriously, that was a fucking heavy meal. Holy Christ, a house divided needs to lose some weight.

  15. “I’d like to shoot this scene through a wry humor lens” -every director of photography, I’m sure

  16. Um, I just noticed: Brian Doyle-Murray as “Old Cappy.”

    This thing is going to be a winner for sure.

    • On second thought, maybe it’s meant to read “Bill Paxton, Marlon Wayans, Joe Rogan, Bobby Flay, Sandy Duncan and Brian Doyle Murray as ‘Old Cappy.’” As in, an “I’m Not There” situation. Or maybe Old Cappy has 6 heads? Either way, I take back all my skepticism about this movie.

  17. Fake and crayfish

  18. Cheryl Hines’ teeth enlargement went surprisingly well!

  19. “My movie is going to be way cooler. And it’s going to have a totally badass punk rock soundtrack.” –Anthony Bourdain, probably

  20. The graphic designer that made the promo poster either didn’t have a lot to work with or needs to be fired… It looks like a SNL mock poster.

  21. I prefer Hugh Jackman’s “How to meet an ageless ur-a-peein’ man”

    dot com.

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